Sale: Divine Mastery - June, 28 2018

    • Sale: Divine Mastery - June, 28 2018

      SALE: DIVINE MASTERY - JUNE 28, 2018

      Tired of hammering your armor back into shape? Are your outfits feeling a bit stale? Well then, then our promotion will come in handy!
      Until July 1, 14:00 CEST (05:00 a.m. PDT), you no longer have to worry about where you will get your materials you need to help strengthen your equipment!

      Argent Phlogiston (x8)89 Aurum18%
      Depleted Phlogiston (x8)19 Aurum34%
      Crusade Scroll I129 Aurum35%
      Crusade Scroll II129 Aurum35%
      Crusade Scroll III129 Aurum35%
      Glass Firestone48 Aurum2%
      Glass Firestone (x10)415 Aurum15%
      Glass Firestone (x50)1,589 Aurum35%
      Divine Dao28 Aurum3%
      Divine Dao (x10)245 Aurum15%
      Divine Dao (x50)939 Aurum35%
      Divine Focus159 Aurum20%

      Don’t let this amazing offer pass you by!