Tidewater - Looking for people to play with!!

    • Tidewater - Looking for people to play with!!

      Hello I am looking for new people who could become my friends or I'd would like to join a small group chat where I could meet new people to play with!! ;3
      I would like to play with experienced players and maybe you could mentor me and we could do daily/weekly quests and aswell i would like to play with newcomers too and i could maybe explain you stuff and help with stuff
      Also I am not suuper good so I hope you're fine with carrying usually XD
      Thanks for reading, have a great day! :D
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    • The quickest way to meet new players on your server would be through a guild. Otherwise I would suggest checking out the official discord which is much more active then the forums. The forums tend to have a slow response and less of a social function. Best of luck to you in your search :D

    • Heya, welcome to the game, Keon :)
      Apocalypse is currently recruiting. Our members love to help each other and we do weekly carry runs for expert raidsand participate in guild events together.
      Also we got some members looking to make new friends to play together with and motivate each other.
      If you're interested, check out our forum post or simply drop XuQuing or Nachtmahr a message ingame <3