New for advice!

    • New for advice!


      I'm going back to the game after a long time. I had an Occultist at level 40, but I have seen that there is now an Assassin class. Does this class become invisible as in other games, like Aion? I love that style of play.

      Another question: How is the Occultist? I do not know whether to create a new character as an Assassin or turn my Occultist into an Assassin, although maybe I need to start from 0 to relearn how to play.

      What do you recommend?
    • Hello and Welcome back to Revelation Online :D

      As Assassin yes you can go invisible but once you get attacked/ or attack an player you will no longer be invisible. There are 2 types 1 that you can use out of combat with a 5 second CD. Or 1 you can use in combat with a 3 minute CD.

      You can also check out the Occultist section of the forum where there is tons of guides, builds, and information: Occultist :D

      I personally never played Occ so i can't really comment on the play style, but they are more of a Sub-Support/ Buff class. While Assassin is full burst DPS.
    • Whooo! I came from Aion as well so let's draw some comparisons for you. Like aion you can remain in hide indefinitely as long as you aren't attacking. Unlike shadow walk though you don't have to recast every 5 min (or whatever you got the cd reduced to with improving your stigma). Disappear (hide) also has a movement speed debuff, but you can improve your movement speed slightly through arcane arts. Just like Aion (and as mentioned above) you can't use hide while attacking players. You can take some damage (dependent on skill level and arcane arts) before you are knocked out of hide. All players can technically "see" you in hide. However, their ability to do so depends on their level compared to yours, and how much you have leveled the skill. I have had others look at my character while in hide, some could see me none of the time and some could see me flicker in and out of view and a few could see me all the time. The hide while in combat skill (similar to the dp skill) is fleeting shadows and has a 5 minute cooldown. You do not need to build any special skill points to activate this.

      Outside of hide you will find RO's sin very different to aion's sin. In RO almost all your skills are AOE with a range of anywhere from about 3 to 15 meters depending on the skill. You do have two different poison skills depending on how you want to build your character. Corrosive blades would be most similar to Aion as you can use arcane arts to have poison up all the time, but would be more similar to a ranger buff because you have to re-cast it every 30 seconds (really annoying). We get one 'dps buff' in comparison to aion, Assassin's haste, which is kind of a mix of flurry (attack speed bonus) breakaway (mercurial). Flicker would be our close the gap skill which is similar to dash attack. We also get a templar pull (but aoe) as well. Assassins in RO are also not stun based like aion. You don't get to chain lockdown a player. As for dps and tankability, RO is pretty well balanced and all classes can reach the top of the dps charts if they are well geared and knowledgeable. I have seen assassins (and personally have myself) tank some 69 dungeons, but I don't think any have tanked 79 dungeons outside of like AoE hard which pretty much anyone could tank with decent heals (can't confirm though). Since damage dealing is pretty even between classes its much harder for them to draw and keep agro if they are in a equally geared group and vanguards can pull agro off them pretty easy.

      As to swaping restarting. I swapped an occ to a sin about a month after sin released. It is less expensive then switching from say a spirit shaper or vanguard because most of your gear will stay. You will have to either buy the item for swapping your weapon or get a new one, same with necklace and rings. You will need a new talisman. You do need a character of I believe level 50 to swap it. It is pretty dang costly like $30 USD to swap just the character and not all your gear, so unless you have a lot of progress on your occ it is usually much easier and cheaper just to restart. (I would recommend it for level 69+ decently geared and progressed characters only.) You do also need to pass a lot of windswept gauntlet on the assassin (4 different bosses I think) for the swapping class quest so I would recommend practicing and making sure you can do that before spending your money on the swap.

      As for occultist. If RO hadn't released an assassin I would still be playing it. It is an insanely fun class and very versatile and perfect for trolling :D It is excellent in both solo and group play. Don't let anyone talk you down from them saying they are mostly for support. They are very much end game dps rankers (again when geared right and played right) and can also solo heal a party through a lot of early game/mid game content. For example I solo healed 1 party in an MC 1* group before lvl 79 hit. I can still solo heal ToP Challenge up to the 4th boss, mostly because I have only ran one party that did the 5th boss and I was dps at the time >~< Not sure what other information you might want on them but since this is long already I'll let you post a reply if you want to know more on OCC.