New player coming soon.

    • New player coming soon.

      Hi there gues,

      I'm thinking of picking up this game in a week or two (have exams going right now), so I'm looking to gather information to get my self a head start later.
      Previously, I've played a game called PWI which I really liked, the classes I played there were Cleric (healer), Assassin (Single target melee physical DD, moderate phy def, but low mag def), and Archer (Single/AOE ranged phy/mag DD, moderate defense).
      So I'm wondering what classes would fit more in this game?? and are there any notable tutorials/guides that help picking stats build and other game mechanics that are worth reading?

      Finally, which server would you recommend for a new comer? I'd prefer one with lots of players (don't like to do stuff alone much). As for the timezone, I don't really know the time of in game events, so would be nice if you tell me that, and which servers are active at what times.

      Thanks in advance guys :D
    • Hi Serverinos,

      Cleric would be similar to Spirit Shaper. Assassin is more aoe based in this game but are similar probably in terms of defense. Archer would probably be gunner for this game, but are considered physical damage not magic. (I have never played PWI though). As to learning what stats and builds the best place to find them is within the forums themselves as players have posted guides and then the community rather lengthy discussions on the merits of this or that for every class. A lot of the terminology may be harder to grasp until you get into the game and start to learn about RO's character customization, skill builds, and gearing because its a very large system and very adaptable for your own playstyle.

      As for other guides there are some newbie sort of guides talking about the basics of getting gear sets and how to upgrade them along with how to work with your skills and get upgrades along with a few other gear things like talismans and badges on RevelationGuides.

      Major daily events are at 8pm Central Standard Time and last about a half hour to an hour (with the exception of clan wars lasting 2 hours). Servers tend to be the most active in about a 4 hour range around that so from 4pm-12am primarily (CST) at least from what I have seen on Darkfall.

      I don't know if you are a EU or a NA player but for NA the server population I believe right now is Snowpine > Darkfall > Divine Overlook. This is mostly just hearsay though as I only play on Darkfall. You would need to find an EU player if you wish to know about their servers.

    • serverinos wrote:

      And are the events at same time for both EU and NA servers?

      Events times are server time based.
      EU server time is set on CE(S)T time (UTC+2 in summer, UTC+1 in winter)
      NA server time is set to Central Time NA (CDT in summer UTC -5 // CST in winter UTC -6)
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    • No, every class has a mix of aoe and single target damage. Personally I find occultist one of the best for soloing since they can have large damage and versatile skills along with being able to switch to heal stance quickly and easily. However, that being said all the classes once properly geared can push out lots of damage and can be used for solo content. The game doesn't focus a whole lot on solo content though, but more on group experience (both large and small). However, there is some solo content available.

    • Hihi :0 I've played both so i can state the difference.

      RO's combat system is faster than pwi. Sharp eyes and quick reaction are more needed. As well as having better hardware, cause this game runs very heavy on visual graphic. So you can dodge enemy's attack or block their attack before it lands. Cause damage applies on contact, unlike Pwi which damage is guarantee when channeling finishes.

      In combat, mostly you use skill set from your own class to fight against your opponent. There isn't a helper like genie. Good potion is expensive to craft. No Charm so healer is very important in RO which also makes RO leans toward teamplay most of the time.

      Chi would be similar to Special Skill, skill that does tremendous damage or healing. There is 1*, 2* & 3* special skill. 3* is the strongest. Special Skill point(SSP)is gained from using skill in combat. All class has about the same ssp build rate. SSP starts draining when out of combat.

      Unlike Pwi, you do not always need a target to use a skill. The skill that requires a target is mostly a single target skill for ranged skill.
      Single target skill(some has 3 meters aoe) is target lock, the attack would land on your target eventually unless they moves away faster than your attack or move behind an obstacle.
      AoE skill(mostly 5 meters aoe) does not require a target instead you have to choose the spot you want the attack to land. Therefore, your opponent can dodge it.
      I'm not sure about the melee skills, i think all or if not most of aoe melee skill doesn't need a target.

      The skill cultivation system(skill modification) shares some similarity with Glyph but works differently. You can adjust to enhance certain skills potential. For example, you can modify the Spiritshaper healing skill to be more effective, or improve their attacking skill ability. Mostly you won't have enough cultivation points to enhance all the skills. Skill cultivation is not permanent. You can change it anytime. There is an in-game item that allows you to change your cultivation from one set to another in a single click like from healing skillset specific to dps.

      For character Attribute, I'm a swordmage and main attribute is Int. My attribute points quite evenly distributed across Int, Spirit, Vigor and some on Dex for crit. I use this build for both pve and pvp to have good offense and defense. This is recommended.
      In RO, the more you increase one attribute, the more attribute point it requires. For example, the first 10 points put Int, require 1 pt each, the next 10 requires 2, another next 10 requires 3 and so on. In pwi, if you have 800 unused attributes pts, and you allocate all of them on dex, Dex would increases by 800. In RO it would increase by about 120 and you would need 13 attribute pts to get it to 121.

      Gear: Armor type for the classes is about the same as pwi. All class weapons share a similar proc that temporarily boost healing and damage output by a little. Unlike pwi has various different offensive and defensive proc like purify, zerk, untargetable, damage immunity, cc immunity, purge, mag/phy debuff and etc that you can choose from. In RO, crit/crit increasement(heal can crit) are the most important offensive stats. Crit reduction for defense. There is a huge difference in term of strength when two players have the same set of gear but the stats are different. Imo, RO is heavily depended on gear than pwi.

      Party buff(30min), guild base(whole day until reset) and potion buff(30min) doesn't improve stats as much as pwi, While each boost may be very small, but with many can be a huge difference. Potion and guild base buffs doesn't wear off upon death. There are also plenty of different of party buffs that only lasts a few seconds.

      About the 3 classes you played, there is Assassin on RO but imo
      -Ro's Sin is more of a dusklbade with decent cc and mostly aoe with its aoe is much wider than it should or any of the melee classes in pwi. Out of all the classes, RO's sin would be closest to the pwi's sin. Sin is the newest & strongest class in RO, but it'll be nerfed in the future. This day may never comes though :x
      -Archer is very similar to Gunner, both has great movement. Mainly single target focused = most skills are target locked. Difference is gunner always deals full damage even if the target is very up close.
      -Cleric would be similar to Spiritshaper(healer class can dps as well) but spiritshaper can't maintain to have good dps and heal at the same time. Because of skill cultivation, spiritshaper should commit to either healing or dps role. For example. Spiritshaper would deals very little damage or heal very little if the used skill is not cultivated. Unlike cleric still have good dps when performing heal, and can switch in and out of UVD for even greater dps output
      *I've played both cleric and spiritshaper. I always dps on cleric and provide little support when very needed cause Pwi has charms and heal/healer rarely or not needed at all whether it's pve or pvp. Spiritshaper can do both too but it's not effective this way, not recommended especially for difficult dungeon such as expert raid and PvP. Spiritshaper is like a full time healer whereas Cleric is more of a mage than a healer.

      I think both Occultist and Blademaster are very good for pve solo content. But i think Bm is more favored toward good gear.
      -Occ can heal/dps. Have summon like Mystic can dps and heal. Can switch freely between Dark(dps/Light(heal) same as cleric's UVD
      -Blademaster has a higher dps output, attacks are aoe and also has Adrenaline skill(when used bm hp down to 1 and become invulnerable for like 5-8 sec base with 30 sec cooldown ) but you can cultivate this skill to convert damage into hp can recover up to 50% hp and reduce skill cooldown.

      Pretty much that's all the differences that i can list for now between RO and Pwi in term of gameplay
      Hope this gives you the info you need
      For choosing class, if you don't like the class you pick or wish to change class, there is an item in-game cash shop that can class change.
      As for choosing server, i don't know about the EU servers. For NA, some people say Snowpine is more populated. I'm not sure.
      Anyway, good luck choosing and lastly.........

      Welcome to RO ;)

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    • @YunEr

      "But i think Bm is more favored toward good gear."

      No, on contrary, the BM does not really rely that much on a good gear rather than on physical dmg, special skill power, crit increment and most importantly physical defense break! Unlike other classes the BM can "ignore" the gear to a certain point since the special skills and skill cultivations (Soul Grid + Dao) are the most important ones in this case. The BM is already considered to be the hardest class to play so his dmg output also relies on your game style.
      But you are right when it comes to solo play, the Blademaster can finish tasks quite easy and fast, however it is a pain in the butt to level one up since every other class out dmg'es you until you are about lvl 65 since only then the skill cultivation (Arcane Arts) kicks in which boosts the dmg insanely.

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    • YunEr that's some really nice info there, but there are couple questions:

      Regarding hardware, do you think it'll work on Nvidia GeForce 920M (laptop version) ?
      In terms of internet speed, would it need higher speed than PWI ? since there's more doge and stuff to do I mean.

      And thanks for the comparison, it's really helpful
    • i like to think that darkfall and snowpine are a higher population to to being much more heavily pvp focused and the fact that we have our pvp content now... for more of a pve mentality 60 40 split mix DO is best bet on na where the others look to be more 80 20 or 75 25 split in terms of content...do however does have a lower population and many newer players are joining daily so there is hope for no players and our population still
    • @Genesis Nightingale

      I guess gear in your term means the defense attributes? That's sort of what i meant also. But what i was trying to point out is when the defense reaches a certain level and that as long as you can stay alive between one after another Adrenaline. I think bm is better from that point on because the bm has a more offensive skillset which also comes with more dps potential compares to Occultist.

      I don't disagree with you on building up those crucial offensive stats since bm favors aggressive gameplay and often utilizes their attack more than defense. And those stats mainly come from equipment/gear and i don't think Bm relies on it more than other class. Every class(except SS) needs it just as much. Not like it scales better for bm than other.

      I know gear generally means the armor & weapon. But sometime when i say gear and on the previous post, it's everything that can be equipped & improves the character attributes like Soul Grid too. For me, I would say the Wisdom Tree, Character cultivation and Dao should also be a part of gear in some way. Even though Dao is an enhancement for Special skill, but this enhancement greatly improves skill effectiveness. Because it's very impactful in combat, Dao is one way that can be used distinctly to determine a player potential. Generally an undergeared don't have the same level of Dao as a whale. Sorry that it was misleading.


      Probably not so well, I had an overheat issue with my nV geforce gtx 960 graphic card on a Lenovo laptop, pretty close to your hardware, 2-3 months after i started playing. and in-game graphic was on lowest. GHZ oftens dropped below 1, pc temperature reached up to 100 when RO is running. Temperature was at about 50-55 when RO not running. Probably my hardware and the quality of my hardware weren't good, and the Lenovo brand is not know for gaming. Therefore I'm not sure if your pc will suffer the same fate as mine :0 but i i think it's good enough for pve, probably not good enough for competitive pvp.

      I think RO requires better hardware/internet than PWI does. I know Pwi has had a huge graphic improvement not long ago which i think it comes close to RO now but i think RO still runs a little more heavy on graphic plus optimization not good, no or very delayed animation in mass pvp. I'm from Eastern US, NA server is based in Central US. I have about 85mb download and 20mb upload speed from google search - speed test. With about 160 ping and at least 50 Fps when in town. In 10vs10 and 20v20 Battleground, ping often stays above 200 to 240, Fps drops to low 10 in heavily crowded pk area sometime. Play with full graphic and this time is from an Alienware laptop with gtx 1070. System temperature stays at about 90 degree, but GHZ speed usually stays above 3. For some people, this maybe still consider very laggy. But it's acceptable for me, everything still works pretty well imo. What i can't accept is the no animation in many mass pvp weekly event, this is the game issue. You can make a guess on what your ping/fps would be like based on the info i just provided, your distance from the server, your internet speed, difference between our hardware. But you should try it first to see if you like it or not.

      You're most welcomed, glad you find it helpful :)


      Sorry, i know it's harder to read. I like it colorful, also look more organized this way :0

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    • YunEr wrote:

      I guess gear in your term means the defense attributes? That's sort of what i meant also. But what i was trying to point out is when the defense reaches a certain level and that as long as you can stay alive between one after another Adrenaline. I think bm is better from that point on because the bm has a more offensive skillset which also comes with more dps potential compares to Occultist.

      I don't disagree with you on building up those crucial offensive stats since bm favors aggressive gameplay and often utilizes their attack more than defense. And those stats mainly come from equipment/gear and i don't think Bm relies on it more than other class. Every class(except SS) needs it just as much. Not like it scales better for bm than other.
      No i actually mean gear as in defense + offense since the blademaster relays heavily on his special skills and that in a certain rotation for high burst dmg. Adrenaline is nice but can also be super tricky, especially during boss fights and it shouldn't be used reckless.

      and yes the BM does favor aggressive gameplay but you'd be surprised how often they have to switch into defense/tank stance to increase their parry to lower the incoming dmg or avoid it. Also the gear for vg and bm do scale better, don't ask me why but my friends and i found that out quite a while ago, hence why gear comes second when it comes to upgrading. i remember outdps'ing people with lvl 70-78 while i was still at lvl 69 and the respective gear for that lvl range

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