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    • Help Me Understand Raid Acronyms

      Hello, I'm kinda new and trying to figure out the raid acronyms that people shout in World chat so that I can join parties for the raids that I need done.
      Example, I was looking in my Road To Greatness under the Categories tab and I need to do Grand Bulwork Easy for a daily and Desert Shrine expert for a weekly. What acronyms should I look for in world chat for the right teams to join? The people in game are of no help when I ask.
      Would be great to get the acronyms for all the raids please.
    • DS- deserted shrine
      GB- grand bulwark (H) Hard, Expert, Easy/Normal, slaughter
      MC- Mechanic Citadel (same as above)
      EC- Eternal Chasm
      ToP- Tower of Pain (T) Trial, (C) challenge
      DT- Daily trial
      MHT- Misty Hollow Trial
      AoS - Alter of Sword (H), Expert, ect.

      Tell me if you have any more need to be answer. Expert dungeon is usually replace with an * and a number in front of it to indicate the level of expert they doing.
    • Dungeons:
      • DS - Deserted Shrine
        • DSE - Deserted Shrine Easy (Level 35+)
        • DSH - Deserted Shrine Hard (Level 40+)
        • DS1*/DS2*/DS3* - Deserted Shrine Expert
      • MH - Misty Hollow
        • MHT - Misty Hollow Trial
        • MHN - Misty Hollow Normal (Level 45+)
        • MHH - Misty Hollow Hard (Level 60+)
      • GB - Grand Bulwark
        • GBH - Grand Bulwark Hard (Level 52+)
        • GBS - Grand Bulwark Slaughter (Level 55+)
        • GB1*/GB2*/GB3* (Level 55+): 10 man expert raid
      • MC - Mech Citadel
        • MCR - Mech Citadel Retreat (Level 60+)
        • MC 1*/MC 2*/MC 3* (Level 65+): 10 or 20 man raid
      • TOP - Tower of Pain
        • TOPH - Tower of Pain Hard (level 60+)
        • TOPC - Tower of Pain Challenge (level 59+)
      • AOS - Altar of Swords
        • AOSH - Altar of Swords Hard (Level 70+)
        • AOS 1*/AOS 2*/AOS 3* (Level 75+)
      • DT - Daily Token (Level 20+)
      • DA/Pirates - Deathly Atoll (Level 50+)
      • 9Fold - Ninefold (40ish +)
      • SD - Shadow Demons (All levels, but the higher number following SD the higher level the difficulty)
      • Clan Wars/Territory Wars (all levels)

      • OCC - Occultist
      • VG - Vanguard
      • BM - Blademaster
      • SM - Swordmage
      • SS - Spiritshaper
      • Gun - Gunner
      • Sin - Assassin

      Sorry if this is overkill from what you were looking for I copied and pasted from a memo I made for a guild mate who was also confused on acronyms. But Lies is right, we are pretty lazy when it comes to acronyms if you look at the first letter in each word its pretty much what dungeon you are looking at