new player LF E|U PvX (mostly pve) guild

    • new player LF E|U PvX (mostly pve) guild

      Howdy folks, I am about to start this for a first time (although casually) and I am LF active group that is willing to help a new player.

      Age: last time I checked it was 28
      Discord/TS - Eng speaking (Czech native)
      Playtime roughly 4-10 pm CET (working person here)
      experience: few years of lineage 2 as well as TERA online (back in the days had my party doing queen RUN and was probably first warrior who successfuly tanked it on Hard mode)
      Goal: no idea what's this game about so mostly go through the hardest content
      Money wise I'd like to do it F2P but if the game is good I can invest some money as I did in TERA

      Guild expectation: no idea how item system works (if its like tera which is now simple to lvl up or one needs a party to go through the content like instances). If there is active comunity, people on discord and groups of people who wanna do content together I am in.

      I didnt do much reaserch on the classes so I'd like to ask my future guild (if there is any intersted) what they need me to play and I can go for it (dont mind anything, healer or tank, can do dps as well. obviously i imagine playing healer solo wont be much fun and dont know if there is a good community that you actually meet people you can group up with).

      I am waiting for above decision on a class to start playing so please come at me asap ' :)