What Is the best server to start?

    • What Is the best server to start?

      I tried to play in north america servers, but I was disconnected from the servers on the custom screen (and time out with server appeared after).

      I'm from Brazil, and wanted to play with some friends, any suggestion of server, class, pvp, I accept :D
    • There was maintenance last night for Daylight Savings time, so that might have had something to do with your disconnecting and being unable to re-join. I'd say try any of the servers, Snowpine and Darkfall are more populated than Divine Overlook for NA. I can't really speak for the EU servers.

      Class depends on your play style.

      Spirit Shaper - Healer
      Vanguard - Tank
      Occultist - Support Heals/DPS
      The rest are DPS, either close range or far, all depending on your preferred play style.