New player to Revelation.

    • New player to Revelation.

      Hi all,

      I have just come across this on MMORPG and I am downloading as we speak.

      Just a few questions whilst we are waiting.

      I have read a lot that this is a P2W game is this accurate or only on the Chinese version?

      I am looking possibly for a UK based or even EU based guild as I am from the UK myself.

      Also ive have read it is extremely challenging for a new comer to get into the game as there is quite a steep learning curve so anything I should know for the off that would help would be much appreciated.

    • Hello!

      Welcome to Revelation Online!

      The game is not P2W as everything that you can pay for can be obtained in game as a F2P player.

      I'd recommend joining our official discord here : Official Discord
      You can find various announcements, contests and guild recruitments there.

      My first tip I would give to new comers is to join a guild. A guild can help you out in various ways such as doing PvE, PvP, answering questions, etc.
      Depending on your playstyle there's various classes with different difficulty levels.
      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    • i encourage you, swindog, to look around yourself. in my expierience, its exactly the opposite. you can optain it in 10 years maybe. thats the way it works. sure you can play, but to win you must pay. when you love getting 1 hit by every ptw player, its for you free2play. i thaught, that the moderators at least are honest with you, but this seem to be not the case.
    • Thanks for the above.

      However does not look like I’ll be able to play this as I have my pc connected through my tv. (50inch 4K tv) When I log in if I want to play at 1920x1080 the screen is so big and the icons are so big I can’t arrange anything.

      If I change to my tv setting of 4096x2160 everything is so small I can’t see anything.

      Also it won’t allow me to change the setting so looks like it’s going to be uninstalled

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