My feedback on Revelation Online!

    • Leng Zai wrote:

      Majdanozi wrote:

      Tainted wrote:

      My definition of pay to win is when the only way you can get an item or items, that would boost your character tremendously is via Cash Shop only. Otherwise is pay for convenience/cosmetic for me. I guess it depend on what game you grew up playing with, because they are ton of games out there that are 10x worse than RO. So for me RO isn't that p2w, consider you can farm most of the item in-game, albeit it take a while.

      The p2w that people worry about from RO is coming from the fact that most feel like you can just swipe your CC, and that person instantly destroy your months of hard works. RO at least have some in-game mechanic to stop that if we look closely. The tier on your gears, it limit how much you can refine and the level of gem inlaid, this allow people who in your level bracket or higher still able to kill you. The limit in dailies allow for people who are casual to not fall too far back, and make people explore or do some other part of the games and not just mindless grinding one mob. RO have many functions that require people to put works into in order to build a strong character not just doing dungeons for gears. This is also one of it downside, because it forced people to do thing they don't like, and this can put a dent in character progression causing people to fall behind or feel restricted. Once people far behind, or feel like they are force to do something, the game became unbearable and not enjoyable anymore. Adding on to the facts that my.com make some unfavorable decisions, this became a snowball that is getting bigger causing a lot of people leaving and have a negative views on the game. Just my 2 cents for today o/
      as long as u pay something that someone else needs, 1 day, 2 weeks or even 1 hour more to get that is P2W. stop saying convenience are you stupid ? it is 100% p2w game so dont protect this useless mmorpg. ":that would boost your character tremendously" if a game has a p2w element that some1 gets smth that i dont get via playing i would never play it, but you pay here FOR LITERALLY EVERYTHING, use real money, convert to coins get all blueprint things buy the equipments, enter cash shop buy every tier beed, slot gem or whatever red ticket etc etc... so i go 69 with 59 gear (and not very good) and some1 lv 69 is FULL 69 +13 6 slots gem stage 5, tier 4 all and great stats on gear... SO? not pay 2 win at all
      Base on this sentiment everything is p2w,
      Any game with founder pack,cash shop or add on content which cost money is p2w ...
      including playing with yourself..if uses lotion which gives you boost or tissue which u need to buy ... its p2w ...

      The game is totally f2p its just not f2w (free to win) seen and heard many ppl able get to server top 10 without spending a dime just that how much time and resources needed to spend.. if someone does not has the time or resources and want to win dont play MMORPG , single player game is the way to go .
      and i agree with him. like i stated many times nearly all games currently are p2w its just how far on the p2w scale is it