Just DO IT! Just open new server!!11

    • Just DO IT! Just open new server!!11

      Just open a new server. Make remarketing. In China, as in Russia, new servers are opened quite often because this is a game about the race for the first places. This is the essence of this game. But given the number of old mistakes that have been corrected and which need to be corrected, it is necessary to conduct a remarketing company. A game worthy just do it right. I know a lot of people who want a new server, I'm sure that people I do not know much more. Please just open a new server I implore you ;(
    • Agree......

      No need for having a new server. It might be fun for you to be number 1 but then when you started to RUN 3 star dungeons what matter most is the number of players in the game.

      You will understand this one when you will reach the end game dungeons. To have fun in this game you need more players in a server. Besides, if your a pro, example, you can easily kill a level 69 player even though your only 59 (if you have same gears).
    • Gunjubaser wrote:

      Lies wrote:

      i think the op means like opening new servers, getting like 3-6 months of life then merging, i dont see tho how it benefits the game when there are so few people playing
      Nobody play because no new servers open! This game - THE RACE for the first places. So many unique rewards for the first places.
      No, I would say a PORTION of the server plays for this but there is still a large group of players that play for a lot of other reasons as well none of which necessarily include being first. There are a lot of reasons I could see dropping this game but my top 10 list wouldn't include a new server. What rewards are they giving for being first? They have only given out "1st" rewards when they reset the server's leaderboards. Ok here's a healthier solution: Reset the leader-boards again give an already active server something to do if they want to be so fixated on who is first

    • I do not see a point in a new server since DO is pretty dead from what people who play there say. It seems there is a new EU server opening with the next update.

      my.com wrote:

      In addition to our Cross-Server features, a new EU server is being added, and with it new players, beginnings, and friends. This server is perfect for those wanting a fresh start with new people, and a place to build a community and thrive alongside new players who are just starting their adventure in Nuanor.