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    • FAQ Updated Gear Swapping + Mark Transfer

      Hey guys so with the implementation of the updated Back up tab + Gear transfer, I thought to write a thread for those of you who may be confused of how it exactly works!

      Well start with Gear Swapping.

      Gear Swapping:

      Most players will have 2 sets of gear, PvP (Blue Print craft, and Demon Slayer Craft) and PvE Gear (Eternal Chasm Gear). I Recommend putting you main refinement onto your PvP gear as it over all gives you more might (if you aiming to be up there on the leader board).

      To access the Equipment Modification Menu click the Magnify Glass on your Character window!

      You can do this the same we have been doing it, which is Manually Transfering the Refinements via the Equipment Modification.

      Once you have all refinements transfered onto you PvP gear, They will now be the MAIN GEAR (SET 1) and your PvE Gear (Second Tab) now shares Refinements with your main set PvP gear.

      To further explaine On Set 1 will be your current set.
      Click the SET 2 button to see you secondary equipment (PvE Gear)

      Now click SWAP to switch to your secondary gear (PvE Gear)

      Your Secondary gear will now be in SET 1, While your PvP Gear will now be in SET 2.

      Now you may think that the refinements and veneration's are not actually transferring over, BUT they actually are. If you look at the gear piece, it will now show what your current refinement is for the Main gear piece your sharing it with!.

      Also note this lovely tip "Equipment Refinement shares with another piece of Equipment of the same slot" Basically this means, That this gear is NOT refined but simply sharing the refinement veneration's from the Main Gear piece that has the actual Refinements!

      Mark Sockets:
      This imo is one of the most beautiful systems ever implemented into the game <3

      Under the Equipment Modification Tab, Players can select Mark Sockets to now easily un-socket, and re-rocket marks into their gear!

      By clicking on the RED X you can remove the mark from that equipment, and it will go into your bag.

      Once you have removed the desired marks, a menu will open showing which Marks you have available to place into your gear. It will also automatically select the higest tiered mark to socket into the gear piece!

      Simply click select and the Mark will be socketed into the gear, You can also do this from your back up equipment by clicking SET 2

      Hopefully this answers all you questions, and if not Feel free to ask!

      Have fun in your many journeys throughout Nuanor!
    • Shads wrote:

      Hello il a un soucis avec le transfer de réfinement rapide l équipement rate , gear scor est pas pris en compte sur l équipement pve ! ( EC ) screen si dessou alors que le stuff pvp a aucun soucis niveau la :p
      You are doing it wrong. You have put the EC set as main set (SET 1).

      Put your ENCHANTED gear on the SET 1 (main set).
      Put your EC gear on the SET 2 (secondary set).

      After you have done this, use the SWAP function or inside the C panel or trought the SWAP BUTTON inside the N panel.

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