New to the game, which class to choose?!

    • New to the game, which class to choose?!

      a buddy and i want to try out this game and obviously the question about who plays which class came up.
      My friend likes to be healer, so its Occultist or Spiritshaper.
      I try to go along with him and im interested in Gunslinger and Blademaster.

      Now my question is:
      Which class would you recommend? Are both healers equally good? Which class is more demanded?
      Same question on my side:
      Are both classes good as partner for a healer? Which class is stronger and more useful?

      Difficulty isnt the problem for us, since were both experienced player, but we just dont want to play a class thats underpowered or isnt wanted in groups or simply overplayed.

      Thanks in advance :P
    • Spirit shaper is a dedicated healer but can be built into dps as well.
      Occultist is a dedicated support class that does dps/heals.

      For PvE content, people prefer spirit shapers in their team to heal. Occultists are mainly used as dps/certain dungeon mechanics/off healing.
      For PvP, occultist is the god of 1v1s if built properly.

      Spirit shapers can heal a lot in PvP but occultist can save you in numerous ways as well (they can even switch positions with you if you're low on health to save you).
      Overall, it depends on whether your friend likes to kill people and also heal. If so, Occultist is the class to go.
      If your friend prefers to be super tanky and like reviving and healing people, Spirit Shaper is the class to go.

      Occultist is played very little on my server (Snowpine) and only a few good ones remain at PvP.
    • Spiritshaper is “the” healing class and in EC (last PvE dungeon in the game) every party brings two of them. They are also very strong in PvP

      Occultist is what is needed. They can buff, heal most raids and dps. They are required for the last boss of EC and there is a huge shortage of them on my server (Snowpine as stated above). Most feel that occultist fall a little behind on dps and that is part of the reason why people left them. For PvP they are one of the very best 1vs1.

      Overall Spiritshaper is probably the better class IMHO.

      Blademaster is probably a better class overall than gunslinger. They do higher dps and can off tank. Gunslingers are great in the party for buffs and comet that helps a ton for burst. But Blademasters penta is needed more often.