Server lacking healers

    • Server lacking healers

      I played on Moonsea server. Probably same apply to other servers.

      -Most SS/Occu supports either quitted or change class.
      I'm not sure if server merge with tidewater would help at all.

      People mainly play healers because they are require

      In these last 3 weeks, i been doing lot of PvP (10v10,20v20,30v30, 3 vs 3 , solo queue arena )there are always the same 2 occultist support and 3 SS (experienced) left in PvP battlegrounds/arena.

      I found it's no longer fun because the team is heavily relying on these very fewhealers , so whoever get them in the team would be the one having the most advantages.
      It's also no longer fun to PvP with the lack of healers in servers especially with them all being in the top 3 guilds, while all the others guild do not have any healers left.

      I haven't yet experienced the same excitement from 60-69 PvP bgs before the 70 update, where each game would a least have 2--5 occu / 2-5 SS . Nowadays you will most likely see 0 occu or 0 SS most times . Of course there would be low level SS /Occu in a team but they are not consider as efficient healer since they are either not into PvP and only for the army coin and valor. What i talking about are PvP healers. They are hardly any left in the game :(
    • the topic differs from the topic name,

      there are a lot of healers, just not in Bgs, cause most people wont like waiting 1 min in resp to be 1 hitted after 30 seconds top and be waiting 1 min at resp again, till the bg ends;
      unless youve been playing for months, or swiped like a master, you cant keep up