Redemption {PvE - Casual}

    • Redemption {PvE - Casual}

      PVE | Casual | Discord | ID: 76

      Server: Darkfall
      Redemption is a friendly, casual level 5 guild that focuses on PvE content. We are a small guild looking to expand our PvE loving family. Our guild is a fun and welcoming group of players. We support and encouraging each member in their goals in Revelation. We welcome both new and veteran players no matter your level or your gear. Our only requirement is to be respectful of other members.

      Our focus is on dungeon runs and helping our guild mates access the content they want. We do not participate in clan wars and are considered a neutral guild. This helps keep our guild out of server drama and encourage a fun time playing the game, not stressing over it. We do attend some weekly guild events such as Starshatter, but participation is not mandatory. Our guild peak hours follow the server peak times: 5–11 PM server time, but see some of our players on at various times throughout the day.

      To join us apply in game on the Redemption Guild.
      To talk to a leader message: Lyosha (Chairperson)

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