Occultist: Archon Of Light skill missing?

    • Occultist: Archon Of Light skill missing?

      So today I received the, "Three-Star Special Skill Book Box", from logging on for 7 days. The book says it provides the skill Archon Of Light to my class, but when I looked inside my skill tab, I didn't see the Archon of Light skill unlocked. Is there something I'm missing? I'm currently level 41 and pretty new to this game..... Help please.
    • Hello,

      This is a Special Skill, that you can find after pressing the "K" key (on your keyboard) and then open the "Special Skill" tab.
      Did you use the item? Did you get a book? Did you use the book?
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    • I remember using the item first after receiving it from the 7 day login, and then get a book, which I then used the book once again, but in my, "special skill" tab, Archon of Light is not available.

      Never mind, I found out what was the problem. Thank you though.