Network connection time out

    • Network connection time out

      Hi everybody...

      Since round about an hour i´m trying to log into the game but there´s alltime the same message - network connection time out. please try again later. - Is there anybody
      with the same problem? Is it a server problem or does somebody know what´s goin on? :(
      ...Life´s too short for being sad...
    • Sometimes getting that message doesn't mean there is something wrong with your network or servers. If your CPU maxes out, it can cause that issue as well. I have dealt with that before.

      Here are some steps that might help:
      1) Try running Revelation on standalone
      2) Restart computer and attempt to run Revelation again
      3) Make sure both My.com Game Center & Revelation are added to your firewall.

      Also, watch your CPU during the time you hit enter the server to see what its doing. Try searching the forums on the issue was well, there is a lot of threads made about the same thing. Or look at the bottom of this page in the "Similar Threads".