PVP - Battlefield Issues

    • Actually what should be implemented is the following:

      When the queue caps at 120 Army Coins, without popping the players in Queue should be awarded the 120 Army Coins, and have the Army Coin counter restarted. (For as many times as it takes, so it will reward players even if BG's do not pop.)

      If the Queue pops for BG and a player does not accept it, they would not get the 120 Army Coins, and their timer would then reset.

      More people would eventually queue for the Army Coins, which in turn would lead to the BG's popping more often due to more Queuing.
      Also it would reward people who Queue for 1+hours.
    • Lies wrote:

      coins sound nice and all, but they wont let you upgrade your pvp rank, so they are useless, its better to just have bgs with any number
      True it may not help with ranking, however it does help players get items ranging from: Gems (even if low level ones) to gear, plus mollifying brews, badges, badge fragments, ect...

      Plus in the long run, it would cause more people to queue for BG's and to go into BG's, thus resulting in players doing BG more often and gaining more valor. In addition to lowering queue times. With the valor and if BG queues popped more often, Im sure people would also be able to upgrade their ranking.

      So while it does not directly allow an increase in rank, indirectly it would cause a higher % of people to queue, and do BG's which then you can increase your ranking. ^.~