Stupid damage

    • Sin high dmg is balaced with high skills cd and terrible defence.
      You basically have to learn an important tric: save your dmg reduction or anti-cc for avoid istant high dmg.
      For exemple, with my ss I can reduce this dmg by 70% (or 90% with culti) in fox form.
      You basically can tank a full penta, smite or any other high dmg in multi-hit what can overhealed by a ss, but not really a istant oneshot skill.
      Just learn how this class work and how counter it.
      And remember, stealth can be removed by mine from gs, and occultist. Just need to improve experience vs this new class.
    • Yo, they will get nerf 4 times in some patches, every thing new usually come with the unbalance-ness, just like in dota hero or LoL champion.

      Also in term of damage, penta deals almost 3x binding of pains but in 8 instances, even star sword from whale sm can kill a bm in 2 shots and it just normal skill, also sin is squishy once you lock him down, cause they only have 2 mercurial (1 if not spec into) with long cooldown and a “shiet i fak up” button with 300s cooldown.
    • Well first of all you can say what do you want about the assassin but not talking about the dmg of that class. It still an "assassin" that means a burst calss that can oneshot you . The real problem of that class is that it has too much "survival" it has a 3 mercurial and cc break and it deals dmg with some of that and by the way all classes has a lot of damage and i'm still remember that is gear based and you have to see your buff and debuff and his buff. Maybe other class have to pay more attention based on buff debuff and mercurial but it still an assassin class.
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    • QQ This post reaks of a new player, Sin isnt op it does get nerfed a little, but I gotta say sm and bm and gs 3 star skills will cause more damage if equally geared. However the issue here and the reason you can not make the arugment your making is this game is really gear and mark depenedand. So ther is no way to know how close you were in your might and gear. Also as decently geared 79 player thas been here since closed beta I can say with out a doubt sin is farly well balanced
    • Assassin isn't need of a nerf, since it have low defense but high damage, if you don't know how to play against an assassin you cannot complain to nerf a class. All class are balanced, this remind me when people used to complain about occultist being broke. If assassin should be nerfed then Blademaster should be too, the adrenaline is broke! Same for vanguard's defense, they are too hard to kill! Nerf all class... I just being sarcastic now

      Also should also count if the assassin is Pay2win or not, because free player assassin are easier to beat than p2w, of course free player can still beat a pay2win if they have good ability though. The point is the ability of the player, which mean you cannot ask to nerf a class if you don't know how to play against it. Learn. That all you can do.
    • Assassin indeed very strong atm, infact, seein people still going in bg with scour earrings, complaining about getting oneshotted.
      Different story if u try funland earrings. And I understand if you're undermighted, other than that, stop disrespecting by going offensive earrings, aka scour earrings.

      No I am not assassin main, Sm here.
    • Every lvl of Funland earrings are good past lvl 55. With the correct prefix + dmg reduction veneration in armor you can easy reach 10% of both reduction and more. The lvl 75 can only help you to reach 15% or more.
      Class with less defence can benefit more than a tanki class, and same every f2p.
      Yeah Perceval, you do very good with scout earrings, but you are one of the top might Vanguard in Tidewater and in my opinion, probably the best pvp Vanguard. But not all player can bishot 10 player with pull+smiteXD And, you run a high special skill reduction set who help in tank the top dmg skill.
      Anyway, ppl have to start to build their defense. With 50% of crit reduction, 20% special skill reduction, 10% both dmg reduction I can easy avoid the oneshot by the top might assa (30k max) on 50k HP in my server and I'm still a f2p.