Christmas Chaos!

    • Christmas Chaos!


      Wait... what’s this? The bells of Christmas revelry resounded in deep peals. A sinister sound! By the numbness in my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

      Many a child’s Christmas had soured,
      Their gifts purloined at a sleepy hour!
      Entire valleys sprung to life,
      As if aroused by drum & fife.
      Righteous heroes emerge from slumber,
      Armed, suited and in great numbers.
      Robed in silver frost this hour,
      Resplendently shone Nuanor.
      Yet our heroes, slightly disheveled,
      Scour the land to find the thieving devils.
      Creatures scornful, far and near,
      On the hour do appear.
      Here be the ghouls that you must smite,
      To rescue Christmas and set things right.
      Riotous battle shall ensue,
      Leaving the tricksters black and blue.
      If you favor quiet endeavors,
      Gather snowflakes, light as a feather.
      Smiting scoundrels and sifting snow,
      You seek the one who does bestow--
      Treasures? Yes, find all manner thereof;
      With trinket in hand, like hand in glove.
      Marie shall trade your winter quarry!
      Hard-won goods for brumal forays.
      Ashen tricksters lick their wounds,
      They’d not foreseen defeat so soon.
      Saving the yuletide spirit with all one’s might,
      Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

      Do you dare? Then check out our guide on the Revelation Online Christmas event and help put a stop to the chaos!

      And above all: Have the best holiday ever. We are proud to be a part of it.
    • The Christmas Event.

      What part of this inspired you to call this an event?

      This is Christmas in Sulan, with the only real thing to do is onedungeon as a snowflake farm. Nothing in the rest of the game is even remotely festive.

      Christmas happens in Sulan, instead of you know, Sidus Ur, the Imperial Capital.

      As far as I've seen reported, this includes the RO Discord as well, only one Gremlin has ever been found. I have searched for this on the hour for the past four hours and never found one. I can only assume that it's only one gremlin that spawns for the whole server every hour.

      The rest of Oceanic is good, no problems there.

      But this "Christmas Event", as you call it. This is worse than something Nexon would have come up with.

      You can sugar coat this with as many cash shop sprinkles as you want. There's no amount of white knighting, nor cash shop sugar coating that's going to change the fact. This is worst holiday event that any MMO has ever released.
    • Sorcerer21b wrote:

      This is worst holiday event that any MMO has ever released.
      Idk... that literally blinding "snow" effect that Archeage pulled back on it's first go physically made people (me included) sick, rendering the game literally unplayable, and couldn't be disabled in settings except for tweaking the game files that some people got banned for doing.

      That said though, this is a pretty p2w "event" that just screams, "If you actually want to get anything, you better shell out hard! Bend Ho Ho Ho-ver!" Cashgrabbing with rng boxes even now, it just makes me sad. Holiday spirit being paywalled, all I can do is shake my head, it's not even slightly surprising anymore.
    • Drekavcina wrote:

      found 1 gremlin and it just gave a christmas stocking and droped few notes and it didn't even spawn on the hour mark it was xx:30+
      There have been like a total of 7 or 8 reported sighting of these. They're suppose to be the go for Christmas stuff, like snowflakes. They're bad spawn rates and appearances. Just puts more emphasis on the cash shop candy chest. So, do expect a fix any time soon.
    • for future reference, events need to actually feel rewarding to be fun. players should be able to acquire cute/cool/fun things in-game relatively easily and without spending every day and every minute possible grinding for tokens to exchange for prizes. this is a very poor and unrewarding design, and it really bites when literally everything, even things you don't want, is way out of reach for the entire event. especially permanent rewards.

      i'm disappointed because the "spirit of christmas" is always in giving, not trying to get people to spend more money when they don't even have money due to buying gifts -- you know, things they give -- for friends and family.

      additionally, basing some part of the event rewards on RNG also bites. some people literally see nothing but the worst possible outcomes at every chance. not fun.

      a lot of us would appreciate some kind of reworking ASAP, easily in simply changing how the goblin spawns. often. maybe several at a time in a few different places all fairly easy for low-level characters to have access to. low-level characters can't even get a stocking on the first day because they can't access the jibi dungeon?? and the only chance they get for snowflakes is the 20 from the treasure map quest? and the goblin is???? extinct? even if it's 1-2 snowflake drops from a goblin per kill it's a lot better than never seeing it at all, period, ever, because the one time it does appear for anyone it's the person who stumbles upon it who is lucky. everyone else is out of luck.

      please seriously consider these things for future events. i understand the game is free to play, but events? should not be? this awful for players who don't spend money? like, even spending $15 you can get absolutely nothing of worth via snowflakes. that's a little more than super lame.

      i would love to support this game in the event of some changes made, but right now i find it very hard to want to when it kind of screws players out of fun things if they can't or don't use cash on it, even during events. holiday events.
    • Thats great really.

      So I was absolutely hyped when I first saw The Big White in the boutiqe and I really wanted it.
      This event came and my hopes went up that I might get it. I saw the price. 8888 snowflakes. Hm I thought I'll just farm the event dungeon every day and do the quest. So I started counting and its impossible to get it that way. Alright there must be another way.

      So there are these Candy Boxes. I saw it can drop peeps. The same model as big white, its just gold.
      I had quite the wealth so I decided to spend all my imperial coins on aurum to buy these boxes.

      Now I opened lots and lots boxes and have to say i have 4500 snowflakes. No peeps. (and i saw a dude with it, asked how many boxes he opened and he said 4... so he got it from the 4th and i didnt from any of that 300 boxes...shame)You know it's about 9 million imperial coins.
      If I could rule the ah again for two days I could get it till the end of the event but thats insane. Not everyone is as enthusiastic as me.
      I'll probably have that furry cutie, but come on! There's so many people who want it!

      So I have to say this event is all about greed. if you dont have money to buy boxes you wont get enough snowflakes to buy an accessory even.

      I'm not complaining, this is just unsettling.
      So guys if you want any rewards farm stuff, sell it on ah and buy aurum. Get boxes and voila-progress to rewards.
    • Kitah wrote:

      u_7807069 wrote:

      He also has a chance to drop from the Holy War Era map.
      Legacy of the Holy War - Revelation Online Database Go to this page and click 'Contains', this is the box which you get when you complete the Holy War Era map.
      Uh huh, and I'd be willing to bet my account the chances of that are no better than the 0.57% chance of getting a mount from a mount box, which is then knocked down to 20-33% chance of even being able to have a chance at trying the map daily because of the 3-5person group limit they have to roll against. Which means maybe two people over the entire run of the cashgrab "event" will get it.

      That's to say nothing of how much people have to shell out to get anything else, especially if they want the accessories, both mounts, and both wings. Heck, even if you just want the outfit and the headpiece that go with it, you better have a lot of alts that can get groups to run the instance to feed the unbound snowflakes to your main.

      Or you can just swipe your life away, because that's all it takes to get anything and everything.

      I'm only still playing now for my raid group. If that loses another person or two and falls apart, all of us are gone. We are all sick of this cashgrab nonsense at every turn, and only stick around for each other. Accomplishing things together is what keeps people playing, not this blatant cashgrabbing.
    • I think it´s not even worth to Post here , because they showed us alot before that the only thing is if you dont pay alot is getting nothing or useless Stuff. The christmas event is the same all good rewards are only for Full casher because with even spending 100 Euro you have not enough snowflakes to get something for Sure .
      But they dont Care look at this Winter Calendar thing everything is time Based not 1 Good Item not even at the Christmas Days .
      This Game is dieing so Fast and they dont Care.
      There are not even able to give Proper Informations for a Event as we can see atm with this Gremlins .
      For me it is the First and the Last Game i ever play with this Publisher.
      Even Trion was able to give Proper Compesation Packets or give out things that where worth something atleast.
      But here what we get from this event : Calendar nothing because everything Time Based it is away in some Days.
      In Game event 1 Little Bair apearel thats all everything else is maybe 30 days Premium but only the Main Scroll .
      All Mounts Wings Costumes are not reacheable without Cashing alot of Money , i think with even 200 Euro you are not Save to have a Mount or Wings.
      Atm i am only playing for my Raid Group so i think i am soon out here too.
      I Hope that People Learned from this and dont play a Game again with this Publisher that didnt Notice us as a Community and in every Chance showed us that he only melt Money and nothing more .
      Not even the Community Manager are Posting the Patch Notes anymore it´s a Player that doing it , nothing more to Say :D
      Mfg Toctoc
    • Winter Calendar isnt done yet, we still have 6 doors to go (it was released with a delay, so the numbers dont fit the days, gj :thumbup: ).
      Maybe theres still something nice hidden under 24, 25, 26. Better late than never, heh?

      The ornaments could seriously be permanent though. What gives, just some seasonal accessories, nice to have for the next year too.
      (Except for the red sugarcane, Ive licked that thing so much, its now forever glued to my back 8o ).

      As for the snowflake event, Ive cashed just enough to get the outfit and jades. Mounts and wings totally not worth it, but there was a chance to get them from the Save Jibi and a lot of my friends got lucky.

      Beans clogging my inventory space, send help :/ .
      Moonsea Anemone, decent Spiritshaper and a very special little flower, p2fash Anemoney, always busy and always slacking, half-human half-afk, forever tired, definition of derp, sugar-fueled and addicted to hot chocolate, sorrynotsorry.
    • I'm away for a long vacation and was actually worried that I'm gonna miss a lot of things esp there was an in-game holiday event. But after reading the active threads, I feel sooo good. My.com never disappoint! Even the event sucks! Buggy and unrewarding!! I feel so happy and relieved that there are no everwinter or pure snow apparel in the ingame shop. I can play next year without any regrets!!!
      I thought the forums will be a lot more silent this holidays, but thanks for 2, 5, or 10 players among "millions", who keep on updating and giving constructive criticisms about how they will improve the game, but i've seen these comments a lot of times in different threads and diff issues but do we get satisfying results. Hahaha.. Lets just give 'em a break. They might be seeing us as enemies not customers :D
    • Toctoc wrote:

      Not even the Community Manager are Posting the Patch Notes anymore it´s a Player that doing it , nothing more to Say
      This is because they post updates on maintenance and patch notes in three other places that players can visit. Forums are here to discuss issues and feedback mainly, it's an added feature for the updates.

      Just a reminder: Maintenance and Patch Notes are always posted on the official Revelation Online website. The CMs also make it an effort to notify players via the Official Revelation Online Discord as well as the Official Revelation Online Twitter.

      They are going well beyond their effort in notifying players of maintenance. This means they cannot always post in the forums. This is why we, as Moderators, volunteer our time and effort, in bringing you, the players, this news.

      I hope this clears any confusion you may have and hope you have a wonderful day!
    • u guys just dont know where to farm goblin lol. it spawns every 10 mins at same spot.. and no one will tell u that cause it is our profit .... feels bad lol.... Message me after this event ,and i will show u the spots , u can farm all day every 10 mins. Big white is no problem in 1 week.