Battlefield "fix"

    • Battlefield "fix"

      there's a lot of content gated behind pvp, not being able to do battlefields is too damaging, i dont know about other servers, but in moonsea BF are only available at 60 (way late into the game), after 1h of spamming at the right hours you could get into 10v10 (or get bugged and dont get in even if you were queiing before, never got why)
      but to rank up we need the 20v20 too and 30v30 probably, and this is where things stop moving, ive never been into precipice blitz (been queued for 7900 seconds now) and should win 4 times to get to auros II (and i kindly want to remember that hema II, which is needed at 5x already is gated behind auros III, so the game meant for us to be way forward)

      now, i even see the lev 7x spamming for BF join, so i guess the numbers are really low on this, my suggestion is simple:

      make a countdown, every 30 mins there is a BF, be it 1 person or 20, so people CAN join and maybe progress, slow progress is better than no progress...

      Thanks for reading, and please share this