Edgelord | PVX | Family Atmosphere | Teamwork makes the dream work!

    • Edgelord | PVX | Family Atmosphere | Teamwork makes the dream work!

      Family | PVE | PVX | Discord
      Server: Darkfall
      Guild Leader: Gainn
      Vice Guild Leader: themgg


      Created during closed beta, we participate in both PVE and PVP aspects of the game. Our overall goal is to create a fun and family-like atmosphere while encouraging and enabling the best performance from each member. We welcome both new and veteran players. As a guild, the best thing we can do is help you become the best player you can be while enjoying the game.

      Values: Camaraderie, Respect, and Spirited Competition

      Peak Hours: With many players from all around, we are active at all times of day, but our peak hours coincide with server peak times: 5–11 PM server time. Group activities are encouraged throughout the day, but most large-group endeavors fall between these hours.

      Participation: We desire to create a community that allows its members to participate in every aspect of the game they choose. In order to do this, we help members level up, gear up, and learn about game content. While participation in guild activities is always appreciated, it is not required. Feel free to ask for help at any time!

      Schedule: Edgelord competes in every scheduled, game activity (e.g. Ninefold, Starshatter, Territory Wars, etc.). In addition, we have an online schedule where PVE raids, guild bosses, fishing groups, and other activities are regularly posted. If you need any raid or help, the guild is there for you!

      If you are looking for a guild that's growing/advancing together and values you as a player, not as a number, then you have found the right place.
      Feel free to message our officers in game if you have any questions!

      PS: Teamwork makes the dream work!
      Teamwork makes the dream work. :thumbup:

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    • Hello. Probably too late but I give it a go.
      Is the guild still good and running?
      Would like to join if you guys have me.
      I just return to the game few days ago and I have multiple characters. (MIA for almost probably one year ish)
      All above 49 (can be higher if i click the level thingy) but my Vanguard is almost 57.
      I can go any classes to suit the lacking. I do not mind at all.
      I do not considerate myself a great player but a decent one.

      I shall wait and see if any reply here.