What you may wanna know about The Assassin Class before it's released

    • What you may wanna know about The Assassin Class before it's released

      Okay so, a lot of people are anticipating the release of the Assassin class in our version of RO. I'm just gonna inform you of some of the pieces of information that I REMEMBER that you may find useful. I personally plan to play the class as I did in the CN server. There may be players here who did more with the class here than I did I only got to Lv 69 and beat the Mech 3* raid. Please keep in mind that I will not be going in-depth as far as every single skill is concerned (if you are interested in more information regarding the assassin's skills please shout out in the Revelation Online Discord @Psibyl and I will do my best to get back to you).

      Starting with PVE aspects of the Assassin:
      The Assassin's Burst Damage is very high and it uses 90% large AoE skills increases it even further.
      The Assassin uses poison skills that as long as they are active they will receive a crit buff. This poison skill stacks to increase it further. (only beneficial for sins in the group)
      The Assassin's Stealth skill does allow you to move past mobs and even bosses without being noticed.
      The Assassin's Range usually sits about 10-15 meters for skills.

      The Assassin is the first fully DPS class that has no skills that provide a buff for party members.
      The Assassin uses gear similar to gunslinger/occultist and thus so has defense similar to theirs being a melee class this isn't good.
      The Assassin's Stealth skill will be removed if they take damage as well as provides a slow speed debuff similar to the Gunslinger's Sniper Stance. (this can be removed with cultivation points/book similar to the GS Sniper Stance)
      In the CN Server the Assassin classes skill animations were very, VERY graphics intensive; to the point it actually could case more than half of the raid to crash mid battle. (This shouldn't be as much of an issue here as most players are playing with a better connection and what not, but if you do not have a good connection be wary of assassin's in your group and the assassin probably isn't meant for you. I recommend using the F10 option if you have an assassin in your party with a poor connection or low grade graphics driver.)

      Now a look into the PVP side:
      The Assassin does have very large AoE based skills that do a good amount of damage if you are well geared.
      The Assassin has a chain pull skill that works in an cone shape and can pull a large amount of players (given that you have leveled this skill, if you have not leveled this skill it will be rendered ineffective to players within a certain level range.)
      The Assassins special skills provide good AoE effects as well and some have a very large range, others can branch out if it kills the player targeted with the skill.
      The Assassin also has a special skill similar to the Gunslingers Arcane Confinement skill that will trap players as well as another that will pull players in similar to VG's pull skill.
      The Assassin's CC removal skill also greatly increases your movement speed + attack speed.
      One of the Assassin's special skills allows you to summon a clone of yourself while Dispelling CC and retreating 15 meters backwards. The Decoy will fight for you for 10 seconds.

      The Assassin's defense is very weak and can easily be killed.
      The Assassin's Stealth skill is very visible within BG's (as I have been one shotted in CN from a distance of 30 meters while in it (yes this was a single target skill)).
      The Assassin's CC removal skill doesn't work the same way as....let's say GS's shield. Rather than being invulnerable to CC's during the entire time frame of this skill you are only invulnerable to CC for 3 seconds. So rather than anticipating a CC and popping early you may want to consider using this skill to get out of a CC instead.
      The Clone of yourself summoned by using the Decoy Special skill does have a hindrance as well. If it is defeated within 5 seconds and you are within a 30 meter radius of the location it was originally summoned you will be returned to where you were when you summoned it as well as your HP and MP will return to the same state it was when the decoy was summoned as well.

      These are many of the features of the Assassin that I still have in my mind since playing the class in the CN server. Anyone interested in knowing more about this class is welcome to try contacting me or posting here in the forum. If I can help I will do my best to. I hope everyone interested in the class can benefit from this information.

      I will not guarantee 100% accuracy throughout all this information as my.com may change some of these skills and my memory is by no means perfect. If you see any wrong information please inform me and I will do my best to edit the information or at least make a post correcting it.
    • Yes I can actually,

      This skill you are referring to @Tainted was named Spinning Blades in the CN server. It's effects work as explained below.

      Spinning Blades: Using the blades as a barrier, deal damage to enemies near you as well as deflect their attacks
      Dispels any CC
      *Gains Spinning Blade status, lasts 5s.
      Spinning Blade status: Increases evasion and reflects projectiles
    • @Gladia thank you for moving this to the right place, sorry about that. @Khellen while the idea is kind of fun to think about and I even considered attempting it in CN just out of pure curiosity if it was possible, I would say no. While in stealth mode Assassins do get a major increase to their dodge I believe, but the amount of dodge that would be required for that would deplete your damage so far they would still eventually kill you as there are skills that can't be dodged I believe. Also I believe there is a cap that would make that impossible.
    • KingGosuto wrote:

      So i'm curious, i understand that a class change scroll is the conversion of character class/level.

      In that since, would it also convert all existing armor and items in the characters inventory/bags tailored to the new class you're converting to?
      The class change scroll will only transfer "your character" into the new class. This involves your character and it's skill levels. Existing armor will have another item that will need to be purchased in order to change (this does not apply to specific types of gear as they can not be changed). If you'd like to learn more about the class changers I have posted a guide that can be located in the guides section of the Revelation Discord.