Webshop and sales

    • Webshop and sales

      Okay this is getting really ridiculous and I think a lot of people can agree...These sales are really annoying. I mean, I get why they are on the webshop. You want money. The thing, however, is...it's really tedious to buy these items and send them to our characters.

      First we have to buy these items one by one from the webshop rather than being able to buy in bulk. Then we have to send these to our characters with the inventory, six at a time. THEN we have to open our mailbox and select all and get all of the attachments.

      This simply isn't a good system at all and frustrates those that do pay money to get these things. It's fine with costumes since we don't buy these in bulk but tickets for red or blue phlogs and other such items? Not a good system.
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    • Web Shop inventory trasnfer 6 items at a time?

      Hey guys . ive been doing this before and now its just a bit too annoying. can you guys please fix the 6 items trasnfer at a time because i jsut spent 7k auroms on mats and trasnferring 6 items at a time is wayyy too much. is there a reason for it and why? if not can you please fix this.. thank you
    • well you guys must really hate clicking XD. I hardly see any problem with the current system.
      is a bit annoying sure. but come on getting frustrated?

      p.s . probably the system is intended to work this way so.
      support would have a lot of work if people were to put a wrong amount on a item and then ask for a refund on it :D
      claiming they didn't intend to buy such amount.
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    • There is a HUGE problem with the system. You may not think that way, cool. However, when you click things one by one and you need 180+ of one item, it can take a really long time. Might as well put on some music because you will be there for a long time. Remember, this is a suggestion that multiple people would agree with me on. I mean, I do have several likes on my post. I've chatted with my guildies and alliance members about it. All seem to be in agreement that this system is a TERRIBLE system. This wouldn't be much of an issue if we were able to send them all at once to our characters, rather than 6 at a time.

      I mean I get why these sales are on the web shop and I'm sure they could tweak the webshop sales to give us quantities rather than selling these things one by one.

      As for people asking for refunds, that's to be expected when you sell stuff for in real life money.
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    • I hate having to buy one at a time of anything that isn't outfit/pet/mount/wings.

      I hated it when I was buying colors.
      I hated it when I bought azure tix last time and it's why I only bought 10 to be honest with you. Having to buy one at a time is annoying. Having to then transfer them in batches of 6 by clicking 6 of them one at a time... also annoying.

      I know, first world problems, but this web store is not designed to sell non-outfits/.etc. By the fact that the items don't stack alone.

      Next time if you can't recode it, sell stacks of 10 as well. Or something...
    • Hello,

      Being frank with you all, when we first set up this Web shop in the hurry this was in respond to a demand from the community to see more items being offered and the fact we couldn't reach to an agreement over responsibilities to handle shop files coding in game between Netease and us.

      We used it again on other occasions to resolve issue we face in-game when the "support" item tab vanished for example but that web shop is still very much a band-aid and we're hoping to respond to two of your main demands overtime.

      One is that items which went through the web-shop could eventually be also proposed in-game and we manage to strike an agreement with Netease that everything tested on the web-shop can ultimately be proposed during monthly update inside the game. It seems important to some players and we'll attempt at doing just that.

      Second is to prepare a less crude system for web shopping as it remains the most flexible tool for us and the fastest way to answer some of your demands. For instance if you wish some items to be stacked then no problem, just leave more specific demands and we'll try make stacks more in-line with your expectations and comfort.

      However remember that if we offer larger stacks whenever possible that order will still end up in your inventory and send to only one character, it can't be split among character which was one of the reason we were reluctant to make stacks in the first place.

      Now if it's well admitted between us all that stacked purchase is intended to land into one unique character, all you have to do now is send your recommendations and we'll try to meet them. After all the purpose of this web-shop is to make your experience more enjoyable.

      it would be perfect if you would try to stick to a format, "I wish item X to be in Stack of Y" and that you could somehow also reach an agreement between yourselves in order to speed up the resolution.

      Thanks for your understanding,
    • Items such as phlogistons, tier beads, and daos would be great if they could be in stacks of 10. I understand the issues with that but if you state that you cannot separate the stacks to give to multiple characters, it shouldn't be much of a problem. They are, after all, stacks of 10. Most people will gear up one character, two if they really feel like having multiple characters. Thus, stacks of 10 isn't really a problem here.

      Items that I wouldn't have stacks of would be things like:
      -Mounts/Mount Items
      -Wings/Wing Items

      Items that would be great if they come in stacks of 10:
      -Azure/Red Tickets
      -Tier Beads

      I don't remember any other item that it would be greatly beneficial to stack other than these. Any item that can be used to gear up your character that is sold and you need a lot of.

      And I do thank you for your consideration and response to this thread. It is very much appreciated.

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