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    • Redemption | Semi-hardcore PvX Guild Recruiting


      Redemption is guild of friendly people, who love to do everything. We're a smaller tight-knit guild within a bigger alliance. We want to grow, and we hope you can help us with that! All of our ranked members are active daily, and we're all willing to help with most things; we do just ask you to be patient, not everyone can be on at every time, but we do try our hardest, and we help our members as much as we can!

      We try and do everything as a guild, but we do apologize in advanced if you have trouble finding a party! Some times it just happens, and we need a lot of growing before there will always be a party to have. We do Clan Wars on Saturdays, but we have a long ways to go before we can win those! We also try and organize other things, like Master Dungeon boss fights, Grand Bulwark Expert raids, ect! We try and keep the guild as active as we can, so if you want an active guild that's not one of the huge top guilds, we may be the best choice for you!

      Respectful, mature and friendly people, who are willing to help others, and do their guild dailies and quest boards!

      :evil: How to join: :evil:
      Apply to the guild NPC [Kyn the obscure]
      Contact Willowfeda

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