Forlornhope open for new members

    • Forlornhope open for new members

      We are a small Friendly pve guild and plan to remain a small pve guild we don't belive in attacking others for no reason. And belive in trying to be polite and respectful to all we incounter.
      we have discord but don't require its use we have no level or gear requirments the only requirement we have is you are a polite friendly person who just wants to have fun playing the game. If your are looking for a guild to be a pver in. to be nasty to others or to be top of the charts at all costs look elsewhere. if your looking for a small guild to just play the game and have fun with. need help and enjoy helping other and are a friendly tolerant person consider joining us we also welcome alts at this point if it ever comes to a point we need room for more member we will reconsider that possibility also don't expet expert player at this game we are still learning but we are learning fast and most of our current members are long time player of other mmos and have some expirence at the genre if ya want in simply apply to us we have an open invite policy at the moment and wont change that unless nessary we are level 3 at the moment but fully expect to be level 4 soon
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