Safe Heaven Free Pack

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      Gamer1349 wrote:

      Lucky me, I "had" pack 3. Went to transfer to character, got an error, then "POOF" Pack disappeared completely...
      Same for me, had the "Safe Heaven Free Pack 3" as well, tried to transfer got an error message : 5 (whatever that is) and now the pack is gone.
      I have this same issue as well. I did get the rubber ducky and the other package. Just not the "Safe Heaven Free Pack 3."
    • Alright, I dont get any packs. Safe haven and compensation or post-sign in whatever. There's nothing in my inventory website.

      I sent in a ticket and the support says "only limited amount of players received Safe Haven Free Pack. This offer was given out to chosen players based on individual conditions that cannot be disclosed. "

      and that including the compensations i guess.
    • Three days now since my pack 3 disappeared. Made a ticket that same day, still nothing. This is at least the second time I've felt like I'm trying to pull teeth to either get items I had that disappeared or get items I was owed, due to meeting certain requirements. The way this company shows little to no appreciation for their dedicated player base is atrocious. That being said, I refuse to support it anymore until they change their attitude towards those that essentially help them pay their bills. Based on their previous actions, I seriously doubt that will ever happen and Revelation Online will soon die completely, due to their actions. I do hope I'm wrong though...
    • I had the same thing happen where my pack disappeared I did write a ticket and was told they are aware of the problem it would be fixed soon.....I than noticed that the problem was fixed so if you didn't get your pack within 24 to write a support ticket so I did........The answer I got was according to there data the problem was solved so I am thinking if you got a pack that is awesome if you didn't your SOL, but still holding on hope that I was wrong..... I did write them back letting them know at my end it was not solved but I really feel like they are not going to do anything about the people that didn't get them.....I am just so disappointed in the way they are handling some things......
    • I sent them a ticket cause mines was missing.

      They sent me one but i couldn't retrieve even posted a screenshot.

      Then got a msg that it be resolved yet i still dont have it in my web inventory or in-game mail.

      everyone judges me as the angry ojipan, but look here proof. they have 1 JOB, i even give them sufficient evidence and i still get nothing. Now you know why i get pissed at my.com
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    • Safe Haven Packs

      Its been a few days already, I keep sending tickets and all you guys can say is

      Its been over 24hrs and the pack is still not there
      Will you guys even give us the packs back

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    • [Cats] wrote:

      Its been a few days already, I keep sending tickets and all you guys can say is

      Its been over 24hrs and the pack is still not there
      Will you guys even give us the packs back
      Hello Cats,

      Please do not send multiple tickets to Support, it is the weekend. Please give us time to investigate your first ticket and get back to you. Adding additional tickets to Support is slowing both your own and other peoples tickets down.

      Any continued discussion about Support tickets will be removed and this thread will be closed.

      Thank you,
    • Hahaha, that reply by MUTE just made me laugh so hard, I peed a little...seriously though, you're going to close a thread because people are making VALID points about issues they are continuously having??? Again the lack of appreciation rears it's ugly head by the company. What's the point of even having forums if you're not going to allow people to express their concerns or speak up that you guys aren't doing ANYTHING to help us. WE are the ones supporting this game, not YOU, we help YOU get paid, not the other way around. Thanks for completely killing this game for me MUTE, I hope others will see how you just proved we mean nothing to you guys....