Auction House - Extend to 40 ~ 60 Listing

    • Auction House - Extend to 40 ~ 60 Listing

      Dear My.com

      Hope you read this message or any moderator help pass this message to my.com.

      Since making profit is crucial for you. So here's a suggestion to do it without pissing your player base off.

      Add a "Merchant Packs" 30 days for X-Amount of Coin or Aurum.

      We can extend our Auction House listing to 40 or 60 Item.

      This way it reduce players having to create bunch of alt to sell on Auction House. Its a known fact more than half the player base have alts to do that. Why not take this opportunity to make profit and reduce all the unnecessary work for the players ?

      1 stone 2 bird. Be water my friend.

      *Disclaimer - I don't actually know how many players does this. I just came up with 50% of the player base. LOLLLLLLLL