Server First Resets :)

    • Server First Resets :)

      I loved this event, it gave us a chance to get our strongest members to try and achieve top 1-5 in a dungeon.
      I don't think i would be the only one in saying i would love to see this as a monthly thing or every 3 months, it adds excitement, teamwork preparation and it can also hold for good streaming content which can help promote and advertise the Game.

      Anyways events like these which promote competition is awesome and i would love to see more of this, good work guys and hope the cheats get taken down :P

      Anyways grats to those that got top in anything.

      tl:dr More server resets please :D
    • JohnHarrison wrote:

      I would disagree brother.. That's why it's called 'First'. And the challenging part of that is you going to finish it with low-gears. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on Server First. I'm just saying my opinion.
      I see what you're saying, maybe we don't have to call it server firsts but to make it a challenge on a leaderboard or something, either way the challenges were fun.
    • ChocoCake wrote:

      Maii wrote:

      I'm glad you enjoyed it :P

      I'm pretty sure when and IF ever there really were a lot who didn't clear it the proper way, there might be another server first reset :))
      Mfw 5 min after the servers were up, a party cleared GB 3* already

      my core who got 2nd in mc3* ran gb3* after the mc3* and it took us 6 minutes, its possible to do in 5 but some ppl did in 50 seconds which is obviously cheating.