Top Experts after reset

    • dont be bitter that some people are better than you.

      wake up, this isnt some new server.
      if you came from the new server and finish your runs at 15 minutes,
      then the old servers might be finishing them at half that time.

      and as said, server first is just a matter of bragging who's online at that time.
      doesnt really say much except how much addicted you are to the game.
    • Would have been better to not get any top clear reset at all sincerely. You were saying servers merged into the other so it wouldn't be fair for the secondary server. This way it haven't been fair to them but to the primary server aswell. There is no achievement on clearing those dungeons at current game state. Could be happy having lvl 70 update and allowing us all to go for a real first clear on altar instead, and just have a mention in your website for the secondary server guys, in the end they got their rewards/achievements when they did it and still keep the titles, same we do right?
    • I played with my static all days just to get strong and finish every first clear and seal on server, and we did it we had all of them. I didn't play cbt neither ru version we were total f2p newbs. We learned how to make first clear and seals breaking from guides on Internet. We put alot of time into it studying and practicing it to be the fastest ones to make it. Now everyone is lvl 69 full gear and solos it.

      That feeling when you have all of them but one days game devs woke up and said let's merge server with older server that is far ahead and reset it.

      I'm working shifts for 12 hours a day and my static is busy with other things, there was no chance to try again. In the end my account was hacked (not from my end) and lost everything I put into this game, as a answer from support they linked me how to secure your account link.

      Meh.. I had fishing lvl 29 it hurts more to lose that then first clears.