Question on Character Equipments

    • Question on Character Equipments

      Greetings to all,

      Initial when I got the equipment, the "Durability" is 100/100/100. I've realized every time repair it I can't get full 100. What will happen one day become 0 ?
      Is there a solution or I've to replace a new equipment when reach "zero" ?

      감사합니다 Thank you !

    • Koen wrote:

      there are items called deoxidizers, is sold from the general grocer and Horace aula (the bronze shards merchant), you need this item to refresh the current max durability of the items.

      durability: current durability/current max durability/max durability
      감사합니다 <3

      Bought one. Will use it when durability drop to 50. :P