Revelation Online's Basic Design Concept - Part I

    • Revelation Online's Basic Design Concept - Part I

      Learn more about the designer’s vision of an ideal MMO and how it helped to develop Revelation Online!

      In this two-part series, we’d like to share the developers’ thoughts on their ideal MMO and how they led to the basic design concept of Revelation Online. The first part covers the players strive to explore a new world while the second part features your alter ego.


      To begin with, Revelation Online is an MMO that is designed with the players' needs in mind. So, what is an MMO?

      Each MMO is like a rebirth. It is a world, a life, where you encounter a different version of yourself and others. Extraordinary MMOs must create a complete world waiting to be explored; in this world, the enjoyment comes not just from excitement or having your senses stimulated or even having fun battling with others. What's important is that this world is a utopia that we long for, one that surpasses reality.


      Outstanding MMOs create a vast and complete world. When you're in this world you can't help but feel small, and thus you have a desire to explore it more. After working on popular action games for over 10 years, it is difficult to make the decision to make a true MMO game with a pure aerial view of the world. On the large scale we have the creation of cities and fortresses. On the small scale there is every NPC you meet, the various maps, quests, races, organizations, monsters, adventures and different styles of gameplay. All of these must be carefully designed and balanced!

      We all understand that the only way to make Revelation Online into a truly living, breathing world is to make sure all these details are taken care of. During production, the Revelation Online Development Team bore a lot of pressure and questions, but our passion is unshakeable. Our team is made up of a group of people who were all touched by games at some point in their lives. They are working hard to create their own ideal world in the hopes that it can touch others.

      Of course the inherent nature of the game is to transcend the real world and allow players to experience things they wouldn't be able to experience otherwise. For example, you can fly over walls and run gracefully across the water; you can be an unstoppable hero or you can live a more peaceful life by selling two-for-one skewers on the street. An inn on a turtle's back, a floating palace, or a comfortable ride on an airship as you fly around Ausgyth. All of these are brought together in a harmonious fashion in Revelation Online.

      Finally, the ears are the most acute organs for experiencing this world. We invited a fantastic master game composer to create the background music in Revelation Online. Whether it’s the sound of flowing water, cicadas, a weeping willow blowing in the breeze or rain falling on lily pads, every sound effect has been carefully chosen and processed to make the experience rich and vivid.

      This concludes the first part of Revelation Online’s basic design concept. Stay tuned for part two where we will talk about characters, their progress and battles! If you would like to experience this world for yourself sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
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    • Very Nice! I appreciate you guys being actively involved in the forums/community to update and inform us of things, even these little tad bits of info to help quench our thirst before the Beta arrives, So thank you.

      Also I hope the below statement is true. We are definitely vocal about our needs/wants in this game. Please do it right, this has the potential to be an amazing game. Just don't get greedy please.

      Kaeden wrote:

      To begin with, Revelation Online is an MMO that is designed with the players' needs in mind
    • I have to say, do not get complacent publishers. This is how you make bad decisions It'd would be such a shame for a game with so much potential to be ruined by a few bad marketing or localization decision.

      However I have full faith this game will live up to the hype as long as the hype doesn't start blinding people.

      I look forward to reading more about how the game will be handled in the BETA tests and upon release
    • I like the idea of actually exploring a game world. Something many games toss out in favor of overbearing theme park: "No looking around, keep on the path" method.
      VIP benefits should be: "Everything in the cash shop can be farmed/obtainable in game." Implement a VIP token that drops in game for VIP players to cash in at a NPC. This NPC will sell the cash shop items to the VIP for those coins. :thumbup:
    • @Kaeden

      This is a lovely intro. The hard question for me is if the developers understand the challenge of creating a compelling and seemingly infinite world, and then populating it with players of diverse ability and approach to gaming. How can you make a game that has a single rule set, but pleases both the player with 10 and 1 hour to play? Both the player who can laughingly combine the abilities in the way that was not even calculated to reach numbers that are barely believable, and someone who just wants to shoot a few pretty spells and stay out of stupid?

      How do you make a game with a moving target, that keeps everyone engaged, not just piling up the rewards higher and higher for the same 10% of the mmo pros, and offering the rest to go... fish?

      How do you entice the folks to keep jogging in the MMO park long after it became abundantly clear they will never make it into Olympics?

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    • Yami wrote:

      Kaeden wrote:

      WHAT IS "A" MMO?

      Just a small correction. Don't hate me plix. ^^
      I'm not native english speaker, but from what i've been taught they didn't make a mistake. It's "an MMO" because you say "an em-em-oh" (unless some of you really say "m-mo", then it would be "a MMO").
      It's not about what letter is after, but about what sound is after the pronoun, e.g. "an hour" because "h" is silent there.

      Edit: here's a link for your learning pleasure: englishpage.com/articles/a-vs-an.htm