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    • [Guide]Spiritshaper PvP

      I would like to thank Lindely of Codex for helping me with all things Revelation and Spiritshaper, I learned most of the things in this guide from her and my own experience. For everything spiritshaper please reference her thread as well for more information Lindely's Guide.


      Name: Vheissu
      Server: Darkfall
      Experience: 69 CN/CBT1-3/OBT Spiritshaper
      Guild: Relevant (CBT Predator/Hostile)

      The focus of this guide will be all forms of PvP and how to prepare yourself to be a competitive healer. Spiritshaper is one of the most versatile and rewarding classes in Revelation that is second only to Occultist in those respects. However, what Occultist gains in versatility, Spiritshaper makes up for in tank-ability, burst healing and CC. I would say that Spiritshaper is generally on the easier side of the classes to play, but it can also have a decently large ceiling in certain situations.

      I've been rank 1 overall on Darkfall in CBT and OBT many times for 3v3.


      Basic Attributes

      From personal experience, in PVP you want to focus on tankability due to the large amount of CC chains in this game, but also a healthy focus on offensive stats for good healing numbers. This build is my all-purpose PvP build that makes me quite tanky against physical damage due to high Vigor while maintaining high healing output and magic defense with high Spirit. If you want a more in-depth explanation on the bonuses each stat gives, please reference Lindely's stat section in her Guide. For Int I try to keep the ratio of 3 to 1 Spirit to Int and a small amount of Dex because it costs very little investment.

      Combat Attributes

      As you can see, we have a lot of stats to consider both offense and defense. I'll give my opinion on each stat below, although most of this information is from personal experience and is what works for me. I have not "done the math" for the most part, so do what you wish with this information.

      Offensive Stats
      Listed in order of priority.

      Healing Bonus % - Very few sources, but the most potent Healing stat.

      Crit - Along with Crit Increment, the most important offensive stat you can stack. You can stack it almost entirely linearly without fear of diminishing returns, however there are a limited amount of sources and stacking on things like Exalts can conflict with stacking Crit Increment as well.

      Crit Increment - With a good Crit Rate, Crit Increment becomes your most valuable stat for pure healing output while also benefiting your damage skills. Stack as much as you can.

      Healing - Obviously our most important stat, but there are few sources of Additional Healing. A portion of our Min-Max Attack is converted into healing so they do benefit this stat as well.

      Special Skill - Stacking special skill has decent returns, but it generally pales in comparison to stacking crit. All of your special skills are extremely important and useful so it is by no means a poor stat.

      Magic Damage - From what I can tell this stat does not affect healing since according to the stat sheet only Magic Attack stats benefit it. Generally I do not value this stat very highly as it only serves to boost damage, and it also is generally inferior to the min/max attack stats.

      Hit - Offensive stat to counter dodge, generally a stat you don't want to consider as it doesn't affect healing, however it could effect your CC.

      Defensive Stats

      Listed in order of priority.

      Physical Damage Reduction % - Reduces all physical damage by a percentage and has few sources, the most important stat in PvP.

      Magical Damge Reduction % - Same as above, just less desirable.

      Physical Defense/Armor - Stacking Physical Defense is generally the most important defensive stat in PvP due to Vanguards/Blademasters/Gunslingers being larger threats, and Spiritshapers already have high Magidc Defense.

      Crit Reduction - Reduces your opponents Crit Damage. I believe this to be a very good defensive stat, but it has few sources. Even stacking a moderate amount can lead to high returns.

      Dodge - I believe Dodge to be quite a good stat if you manage to stack enough through Soul Grid/Venerations/Buffs/Exalt. It can negate a lot of damage and CC, but can also be useless if your opponent stacks enough Hit.

      Defense Essence - I don't have enough research done to know if there is a hidden multiplier with Break/Defense Essence but if it is simply flat percentages as the tooltip implies, then it is not that great of a stat on armor, but obviously you would be stacking as much Pink Gems as you can. If there is a hidden multiplier, it could possibly be the most important stat to stack, but testing would have to be done.

      Magic Defense/Armor - By having high Spirit and cloth armor you will already have high Magic Defense, but you can still specialize for Mdef depending on your opponents.

      Special Skill Damage Reduction - Most skills that will threaten you the most will be Special Skills, making this stat viable to stat however it has few sources.

      Crit Defense - Reduces your opponents Crit Rate. I beleive this to be an OK stat, however it requires a lot of stacking to achieve a mediocre result that generally can be useless if your opponent has already a lot of crit. I think Crit Reduction is the better stat.

      Parry - I don't know enough about this stat to make a judgement call for Spiritshaper, I generally avoid it.

      Movement Speed - Niche stat that has multiple sources, Boot prefix (Speedy), Boot Veneration, Talisman, Badge, Rune. This is a decent stat if you can stack enough of it, but generally you don't want to do it at the expense of defensive stats because most of the time you're going to be CCed anyway making it a useless stat.

      Exalt Prefixes

      To achieve the most potential in healing and tanking you need to reroll your gear to the optimal Exalts. For spiritshaper there are a few that are very important. There may be some prefixes I cant think of right now, but these are the most of them.

      Offensive Exalts (Weapons/Ring/Necklace)

      Crit Increment Exalts:

      Slicing/Lethal - Rings
      Punishing/Lethal - Weapon
      Lethal - Necklace

      Crit Exalts:

      Destructive - Rings
      Curative/Destructive/Savage - Weapon
      Shattering/Destructive - Necklace

      Heartening is probably the next best as far as offensive, but generally you want crit/crit increment.

      Defensive Exalts

      The most important defensive exalts come from earrings because they provide percentage damage reduction.

      1. Sanctified - Physical Reduction
      2. Hallowed - Magical Reduction
      3. Blessed - Special Skill Reduction

      For the rest of your armor pieces you can get almost all the same Exalts (except for Speedy on boots). Usually the best Exalt for these would be a 3 stat Exalt, or specialized Dodge/Special Damage Reduction.

      1. Heavy
      2. Tough
      3. Vigilant

      All Exalts can be rolled as with a Heaven's prefix giving 20% increased stats to the Exalt.


      Venerations are the next step to maximizing your gears potential, but is also very costly to do and very RNG.
      You want to aim for at least Purple grade, with Gold being the best. Depending on the piece of gear you can only get specific stats on the roll.
      I will now list the priority for each piece of armor and the best venerations, keep in mind some stats can only appear in the 3rd veneration.

      Necklace - Crit Increment/Rate(3rd Veneration) Special Skill Power, Special Skill Reduction, Crit Defense, Spirit
      Ring - Crit/Rate(3rd Veneration) Special Skill Power, Special Skill Reduction, Crit Defense, Spirit
      Offhand - Healing Bonus Rate, Crit Increment/Rate(3rd Veneration), Additional Healing, Special Skill Power
      Mainhand - Crit/Rate(3rd Veneration), Additonal Healing, Special Skill Rate/Power
      Earrings - Crit Reduction Rate/Doge Rate(3rd) Physical Armor/Defense, Crit Defense
      Helmet/Chest/Gloves/Pants - Physical/Magical Defense % Reduction(3rd), Phys Armor/Defense, Dodge
      Boots - Movement Speed, same as above

      Soul Grid

      Unfortunately for Spiritshaper due to the design of our center Soul Grid pieces lacking extra middle elements like some classes, we can not have more than 1 tier 2 Bonus Activation. Because of this I value Crit Bonus over the Healing Bonus because it allows me to stack 2 Birth Crystals in the middle as opposed to 2 Spectre Crystals. I think this affords more output than 6% healing. For outer grids I would focus on high level Sky Crystals for good Dodge, and if I were to make 2 level 6 Time Crystals I would be able to free up a spot for another Sky Crystal. The Soul Grid will change a lot 70+ with a higher level middle grid.

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    • Skills/Cultivations
      Cultivation Build - All Purpose - Click for Link (44 Points)

      While not entirely refined and open to change, I have been using this page for quite a while now in all forms of PvP. The only weakness I find is the low level res which leaves your target with very low mana upon reviving. If I wanted to spec further into Luxuriant Rush if I managed to get the 69 books I would have to take points out of some of the DPS skills.

      Auto attack used to generate left side resource for CC.

      Decent to poor damage, in a healing build this is just for trying to burst someone down when focusing, generally not worth casting.

      Useless if not cultivated to stack/increase duration, but is quite good if you do, mostly for DPS builds.

      Good damage while offering a lot of utility if cultivated for it to CC, generates the most resource for your CC

      One of your most important heals that provides a lot of defense/healing when stacked up to 5 times and spread among party members. Generally try to keep this stacked up in between CC since it has a 10 second duration.

      Top branch provides buffs to the output and increases stacks by 2. Bottom branch provides a defensive buff based on stacks as well as a chance to reduce Green Vines CD.

      Usually you spam this off cooldown to spread essence spring stacks as well as good healing/movement speed boost/stamina recovery. It also should be cultivated to remove 1 negative effect which is quite important in PvP.

      Top Branch provides increase to healing and spreading stack count, bottom provides increased stamina regen as well as debuff removal. Cultivating for CD and Flourish use is also viable.

      Far and away your best healing skill and the one you will cast most often next to Essence Spring. Once cultivated at 69 you can reduce its cast time to 1 second making it much easier to use. With crits and proper cultivation this skill can do some serious work.

      Top Row increases output based on stacks of Essence Spring as well as utilizes Flourish stacks to increase healing. Bottom row provides Physical Damage Reduction buff as well as increased healing on slowed/cced targets and cast time reduction.

      With Sakura cast reduction I do not value this skill much anymore, although it does have some decent cultivations I don't utilize them much. It can be a decent filler if your target needs healing immediately.

      Our CC break that allows us to escape as well as CC. Can be cultivated for increased duration (good for duels and 20v20 point defense) as well as CD reduction. I do not value these cultivations in 10v10 or 3v3, but they are essential for the modes previously listed.

      Our most important skill, when cultivated you can break CC and give yourself Mercurial for 2 seconds allowing you to burst heal back up to full with Faerie's Touch/Sakura. It also is our most important CC skill. After the shield breaks any non Mercurial enemy within 3 meters will be morphed, disallowing any skill use and slowing them. This CC can not be broken or dispelled by anything. You can click off your shield buff at any time to achieve this effect as long as it was casted on yourself and not another player. With this utilization you can essentially CC someone for 6 seconds if timed properly, bypassing Adrenaline/Ice Block/Spirit Shell CC break/Immunities. This also allows you to force someone to sit inside the entire duration of your Yeti Ultimate.

      For duels/3v3 I would cultivate the top row for more defense/increased shield absorb, but the most important cultivation is the bottom row 2s CC break.

      Party CC immune that lasts 3 seconds (5 with cultivation) that increases all healing received by 50%. This is your panic button for burst healing and CC immune, use it sparingly because it has a long cooldown. Cultivations can increase your healing/magic damage for the 30 minute buff by 10%. Most of the cultivations are not worth it unless you have a lot of extra points, and the 5s duration book is obscenely expensive.
    • Special Skills/Dao
      All of our special skills are very important and without them your output and utility is very limited.

      Very good burst, mainly used for finishing someone off, Dao Red/Green for damage magic defense penetration.

      5 second CC that can be dispelled by things like Spirit Shell and Green Vines. Our most important offensive special to apply pressure. Dao orange for resource reduction. After that is preference, damage or CD. In damage heavy comps the mdef reduction on green is quite good.

      Quite clunky to use, but can have decent applications if you can knock someone off a ledge or away from their team. Dao for knockdown/resource.

      Great damage/CC very expensive to cast, you want to combine it with morph from shield so they cant escape or use it on someone who doesn't have their CC break up. Dao for resource and damage.

      Great burst AOE heal in the later stages of the game, instant cast low cost. Dao for red/green increased healing when below 30% this can put out some decent numbers.

      By far our best special skill, huge burst 1s cast time. Use this to fullheal someone from near death and they'll praise you for life. Dao for orange/green for burst heal when below 30% (combine with shield cc break to stay alive for ages). If you have excess resource like in 10v10 or 20v20, dao for red/green.

      Decent healing, mainly a skill for BGs but is easily focused down. I rarely spend my resource on this nowadays. Dao for resource.

      This skill has so much potential, but is mainly bogged down due to it's massive cost. The healing output is not that great, but you are immune to CC and damage is reduced by 70%. It is a good escape skill, but any vanguard can simply Dragongrip you out of the animation and ruin your day. Dao for resource/slow, I only use this skill in BG and Territory War. In BG it can be used as an escape if you can avoid a vanguard pulling you out of it. In TW and open world it can be used to heal people outside of your party, but the range is 10m around you so it is difficult to get the most value out of it.



      Against vanguards and BMs you want to attempt to maintain your Essence Spring stacks as well as use shield on cooldown (if fox is still up). If you are tanky enough you should be able to outheal them if no one else is attacking you, but it won't be easy if they outgear you. Keep up your physical reduction from Sakura/5 stacks Essence spring, if you get below 30% use your CC break shield and heal back to full with Faerie's Touch. If you aren't low and you still have fox, use your shield to polymorph to gain distance and kite them, however a good Vanguard/BM will not allow you to do this and will stay farther than 3 meters from you. Only use fox for smite/penta. The method to survive is to rotate your survival cooldowns so you always have a way to heal back to full/escape damage. Shield->Fox->Luxuriant.


      At 69 you probably wont be able to 1v1 a Gunslinger and you usually should just avoid them. Save fox for cage, if they gain enough resource for Comet Strike you're pretty much dead. I don't have enough practice at 69 versus Gunslingers to give enough information, but generally you want to CC them as much as you can and line of sight them.

      Occultist -

      You wont be able to outdamage a decent Occultist in a 1v1, but the same should go for them at equal gear. For 3v3 you need to focus on getting them to spend their CC breaks and if they ever get Angel off, kill it. Recognize when they are vulnerable and take advantage of the window of time.

      Swordmage -
      At 69 they are no longer the redheaded stepchild, and now deal more burst damage than any class in the game. It is important you be aware and ready to dodge starsword+explosion, unless you get cced before hand it shouldnt ever hit you. Polymorphing them before they can iceblock will allow you to catch them by surprise and kill them easily. Be ready to burst heal your teammates when they line up their combo. Constantly be moving and dispelling freezes.

      Spiritshaper -

      Another spiritshaper is the best way to kill one. Using polymorph as they hit 30% hp can allow you to burst them before they can ccbreak shield or fox. SS also has limited cc immunity so forcing them to fox or chaining cc on them is extremely effective.


      For now I can't think of much else to elaborate on, but if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write below and I'll answer them as soon as I can or further add to the guide. If you enjoy my content feel free to check out my youtube channel as well as twitch livestream, I will link both below as well as some arena pvp videos I uploaded recently.

      Youtube - Vheissu's Youtube
      Twitch - Vheissu__

      My past videos -

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    • Good job on making this, really good guide.

      Please allow me to mention both @Vheissu and @Lindely here, i still have some questions regarding PVP/Cultivations.

      1. Maybe you could add the fact that the Life Flow during Open World PVP is way better than any other skill since it can heal everyone around the area, including people off party (pretty much noticeable, but some people does not realize it).

      2. Also you mentioned you did not like Moonlight Herald due to Falling Sakura casting speed and huge power, do you not have cultivation on Moonlight then? The cultivation that spreads Moonlight to 3 other allies and the other cultivation that heals yourself for 140% base healing when casting it on others seems pretty decent to have in hands. (I dont have the 140% healing yet, still deciding if it is worth or not).

      3. Also when do you guys plan on adding points into "Increase the Special Skill points you obtain by 30%" and "increase range by 5meters" for PVP or do you think it's only something for 60+ points? In Mech we needed 35meter healing skills at the 2nd boss and in GB 4star i put points into resource in order to have flower + life flow for purple orbs during Samul fight (around the 59 cap, since it is easier to use life flow instead of sanctification). I don't pvp as much as you do but i think it is really good for pvp aswell or am i wrong?

      4. Also i noticed you put Green Vines into stamina recovery, isn't it better to put it on the cultivation that allows to spread more Essence of Spring stacks or even Moonlight Herald? I don't think that there will be a lot of scenarios where 20 stamina will save someone, am i wrong and underestimating 20 stamina? (i need to pvp more ;-;)

      Riesa here, look forward to play with you guys

    • 1. For Life Flow I think it can have uses in open world like TW like I mentioned, and I'll edit the post to mention it heals outside party. The issue I have with it is that it has a really small healing radius. 10m around you is extremely small and you're only going to be healing a couple people most likely, apart from being CC Immune simply using a Sakura in the middle of a group would be more efficient and heal outside of party. The skill is overall pretty poorly designed.

      2. Even with the Moonlight Herald spread I think it's a pretty terrible skill because it isn't very efficient, it locks you in animation and if you get rooted you have to press Escape just to cancel it since you cant jump/dodge. The spread for PvE can be decent, but I think it's too niche unless you have a a lot of excess points and even then there are better things.

      3. Range increase is pretty much a convenience cultivation, it could be useful maybe for TW, but I feel it's better in most other scenarios to just play better around your range, 5m is not a lot. I used to put points into resource generation, but I changed my mind and don't feel it's worth it anymore. There are better uses for cultivation points and at least in 10v10 or 20v20 I have so much resource that I don't even have to spec Faerie's for resource reduction. The only use may be in 3v3 or duels where your resource count is very important and limited, but I still think there are better things to invest in.

      4. 20 Stamina recovery on your whole group and self is huge to me. It allows much more maneuverability and kiting especailly if you cultivate cd reduction on vines + 1s reduction chance on essence spring. Not only does it give you a lot of room to breathe and dodge VG cc, it allows you to dash-polymorph someone much more cleanly. In 20v20 it is the main reason I am able to kite so well, and 10v10 it allows dodging of vanguards in a small choked map much easier. For 3v3 it is really helpful for dash-poly which is extremely important for peeling or assassinating someone before they can cc break. My stance on Moonlight can be seen above, spreading stacks is kind of just a convenience cultivation. Spamming spring/vines on cd will maintain stacks a lot of the time anyway, but with my next few points I'll probably cultivate into it.

      20 stamina is often the difference between 3 dodges and 2 dodges back to back.

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    • Pump wrote:

      Do you know how much of Min/Max Attack is converted to healing?
      Sorry I don't know much about the formulas.

      @Riesa after using spread stacks more for Green Vines in BG I think it's much better than I originally thought since it's hard for people to always get each green vine spread to maintain 5 stack, so I took points out of Luxuriant 10% and put it in to spreading vines.
    • @Vheissu

      Nice, thanks, your build was 75% like mine but i swapped my Moonlight to Sakura and it improved a lot already, the CD reduction (now my build is 95% the same to urs, only some 3-4 cultivations are different lul)

      Do you mind if i share around with the healers across my guild? Also, nice job again.
      Riesa here, look forward to play with you guys

    • Riesa wrote:


      Nice, thanks, your build was 75% like mine but i swapped my Moonlight to Sakura and it improved a lot already, the CD reduction (now my build is 95% the same to urs, only some 3-4 cultivations are different lul)

      Do you mind if i share around with the healers across my guild? Also, nice job again.
      Sure, feel free. If I didn't want people to use/spread it I wouldn't have made this thread. ^^
    • Revelation Online calculator - Druid

      Is probably the build I'd use for both, depending on the enemy comp and your comp in arena you may want to invest more into the shield tree on the top row for defense/healing increase. Reducing green vines cooldown is also a possible option, if I had the Sakura book for 40% increased heal on targets below 30% I would put points into that.