Guide: Affairs of the Heart – Milestones & Divorce

    • Guide: Affairs of the Heart – Milestones & Divorce

      Welcome to our guide regarding Intimacy Milestones and Divorce within Revelations Online! Before explaining the methods of making a clean-break from your partner, let’s first explore more in-game marriage positives!

      Intimacy Milestones

      There are 3 different intimacy milestones; one at 6,000, another at 15,000, and the final milestone at 28,000 intimacy points.
      • At 6,000 Intimacy points, your points will be capped until you complete a specific quest with your spouse. You will need to head to Nori in Sulan to pick up a quest. This will then require you to head back to the marriage instance once more and speak to Rochin before teleporting inside. You will then need to head inside and speak to the Hyphaen Luta Tolador, obtain an item and hand it back to Rochin who is waiting outside of the instance.
      • At 15,000 Intimacy points you will unlock an achievement known as ‘Hug it out’ which, in turn, will unlock a hug emote for you and your partner to use.
      • At 28,000 intimacy points you will both unlock a special costume which is exclusive to married partners who have reached this stage.


      Unfortunately, marriages don’t always go as planned. In such a case, it may be decided that a break away from your partner is required. This is where Divorce can come into play. You can divorce your partner after you have been married to them for 7 days, though you’ll need to head back to the marriage instance in order to do so.

      There are two options for a divorce: one is an agreement where both parties accept the divorce, which costs 10,000 Imperial Notes. The second option is where one person in the relationship forces the divorce to happen; this could mean that the other partner doesn’t want a divorce or are not around to be divorced. In such a case, this method will cost 300,000 Imperial Notes. No matter which method you choose, bear in mind that you cannot marry again until 7 days have passed since said divorce, and that divorcing will instantly de-activate any and all marriage perks. Divorce is never fun, so be sure to give it due thought before breaking away!

      You should now know everything there is to know about intimacy points, marriage, the benefits of marriage, and divorcing your partner – if not, be sure to check our previous guides for all the additional details.
    • Ribins wrote:

      Rykari wrote:

      Ribins wrote:

      Can you actually pass 6k intimacy on the game right now? or are you just posting this to mess with people?
      You can pass it. You have to do a intimacy quest with the person though or else intimacy will stay capped at 6k. Same applies for the other milestones
      a Quest from Rochin or Nori?
      6k one is the mushroom girl outside of Sulan, everything else is the npc that's outside the marriage portal. I don't recall which is which >.>
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    • Ribins wrote:

      @Kaeden The quest for 6k is from Nori not Rochin
      This is true. Please change the guide to avoid confusing people.
      The outside Rochin doesn't give a quest (unless its a bug and well, we're reporting that now).
      Have been running around the past few days since some guides say its Rochin.

      Nori is the mushroom near the cherry blossoms at sulan. She has a quest called true friends. You both have to be in the party and only one person activates it.

      And,if Im not mistaken, NPC Mushroom Luta talodor is the one for Breakups! If people dont read whatever theyre pressing, they might end up divorced instead of progressing their intimacy.
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