• Your style is specific and I love that, particularly your coloring. We could easily put these up next to others work and it would stand out as yours. That's what I particularly hate about my art - I can do many styles and when I doodle, my styles transform and morph around, I don't like any one thing or strive towards a certain vision or style - the result? A nicely drawn collection of pieces that don't look like they belong together at all -_- I suppose maybe my talents would be suited for commercial use, but that's about it. You on the other hand could make a wonderful, cohesive gallery.

      Your sense of anime/fantasy/chibi proportions is good and it works. However my favorite figures of yours are the more realistic ones, because first, you do them very well, and real figures are more of my preference I suppose.
      You do nice hands, convincing clothing, and flowing, well styled hair. Your color palette is pretty good and you don't have anything that clashes or doesn't compliment the rest of the colors.

      Two constructive critiques.

      If you cleaned up and defined your line art just a tad more it would really help. Your art has a very nice sketch feel and I'm sure they were made with a sketchy, laid back approach in mind but they would look really awesome with a more completed look. ^^ You don't have to clean and connect every line if you don't want to, but doing it where people are going to notice detail the most matters. Example, people aren't going to be picking at fine detail as much in the hair nearly as much as they will in the face and other areas that the picture brings to attention. Mmm. I guess an example of this is in your drawing of the character (non chibi form) with long, orange pig tails with her back to us, looking back at us. The first two things besides the face and hair that pop out to me are the breast and the hand. Just polishing up those two focal points (or whatever focal point the picture in question has) can make the whole thing look a lot better. I think that faces should always be polished up more than less.

      Your color palette is very safe. By that, I mean that your color choices are very normal and true to their visual sources, and that your shadows and highlights are just tints and shades of the original hue. Is there a problem with this? NO! Is it bad? NO! All shaded/highlighted pictures should have this. It's just you can also do a lot more than just that.

      The reason I mention it is because you can take your work a lot farther if you begin experimenting in the beautiful world of color and its many different palette possibilities and highlight/shadow hues that can transform your work from just good and fundamentally sound, and turn it into real treat. Your tints/tones/shading and general sense of color and how to apply it is really good. Your drawings really benefit from your colors and if you took more creative leaps with your colors it would certainly show. I guess I can't really give you examples of what I mean on here, though. If you google anime art and examine the works, you will start to see the many different ways color is used and manipulated to serve a multitude of purposes to the piece, even when it is just a character with no background. Lighting can also dramatically effect the look, emotion, presence of a character even without any real background in the picture.

      Keep drawing! You are talented ^_^

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    • ^^
      Hy I'm happy about your hints to do better ,
      in basic my arts never need more time than 2 hours so this makes the sketchy way of my drawing and the fast coloring. I Know that i miss alot of coloring ^^ and be sure this hunts me for years , some times it's great next time i forgott to do it the same way.

      I will try to adjust some things but i can't promise because i'm a airhead ^^

      anyway thank you very very much