[Guide] Guild Stippend (salary/bonuses)

    • [Guide] Guild Stippend (salary/bonuses)

      As requested by @Awoo~

      Guild Stipend - what and how
      You probably noticed as guild leader, there is Stipend Attendant NPC near guild castle. She will let you set time based salary for your members based on rank or squad they belong to and going deeper, per person. Money can be sent manually or via automatic system. We can specify what we are sending - it can be Imperial Coin, Imperial Scroll or even Aurum.

      So let's start with basics - how to get money for stipend?
      If you visit guild warehouse NPC, there are few tabs including Resources:

      In this tab we can click second donate button and add funds to the guild coffer. Keep in mind that coffer does not use guild funds and vice versa - it has to be donated separately by members. Also keep in mind, that salaries will be not paid if there is not enough resources to payout complete portion, for example:
      Vice leader gets 50 coins every day and there is 80 coins in coffer, first daily payment will be sent but second not (it will lack 20 coins).

      Now that we have currency in our coffer, person with ??? permission can send this resource to the members.

      How to set salary

      So here, first of all you can see notes on the bottom ^^^
      1. unclaimed funds will be returned to the coffer
      2. stipend can be changed once a day/paid once a day.

      Ok, we have 3 tabs in this panel, they look exactly alike - first one for imperial coins, second for scrolls and third for Aurum. First figure shows us all money in Guild Coffer. From this total money we have to select in second row, how much money will be reserved for salaries and how long will they be available to be claimed.
      Next we can select ranks and squads to distribute salary. Keep in mind that you don't need to send salary to every role. First column shows role name, second number of members assigned to that role.
      Now for more complex part:
      On the left side
      • 1. In first figure we specify how much of total money we can give out for salaries.
      • 2. 1000 is reserved for this role
      • 3. Percentage of total salary funds. Funds remaining from reserved in figure 2 after sending first portion of salaries (look below)

      On the right side
      • 4. Amount distributed for that particular group (same as figure 2)
      • 5. Remaining after sending portion of salaries
      • 6. pay salary - how much one payout will be deducted from total funds distributed for that group (1000 total - 200 per day for one person = 800 left). This will last for 5 payouts and will not be sent anymore until you give additional funds to that group.

      Another way of sending bonuses is through management tab of guild panel:

      Here you have to select member on the left side (1), click "bonuses" button bottom right and send funds from panel that shows up:

      In this case, i have selected 2 members, giving them 1 coins each (total of 2) with deadline of 1 day.
      By pressing scope button on right side of the list (2), you can preview stipend history for each person. It will show you both basic stipend (manual) and salary (automatic).

      Along with date of sending and receiving.

      To see complete list of stipends, go to stipent attendant and select third option:

      By selecting phase in top right corner you can see different days of salary.

      How to collect salary
      If you receive salary/bonus, green money icon will appear on your HUD:

      After you visit stipend attendant, select second "get stipend" option. There you can select stipend to obtain and confirm:

      And that is everything you need to know! Except part of how to get imperial scrolls donated to coffer. I don't know that :|
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