Saintone's SM Videos [Last Update: Swordmage Text Guide]

    • Saintone's SM Videos [Last Update: Swordmage Text Guide]

      Hi guys.

      Just some footage I captured along the way. Feel free to ask SM question in the thread. I'll answer as best I can.

      OBT Swordmage Videos (newest first)

      Kind of old, most of what I speak about in the video remains true at 79 though. Video only documents up through like 40 cultivations though.

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    • ramphr wrote:

      Requesting some sick footage of mouse control mode (recommended for swordmage class after all)
      I'd have to get a feel for it, but I can try it.

      I have a LOT of footage to go through for the PvP montage (like 3 hours of PvP footage) so it'll take a while to complete that. Interim, here's a video of the three main sections of Deserted Shrine on 5-Star Heaven's Wrath of Urgon difficulty. I made my off-hand so feeling a little stronger.

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    • Zerea wrote:

      Ah so that's you. Never connected the dots. Funny to see you running with an old friend of mine.

      Good gameplay vids. Give some SMs something to look at and copy.

      u_12204684 wrote:

      Yo Saintone, could you please make a guide on your swordmage? Or atleast make a screenshot of your attributes?)
      Love your vids, makes me hard :D :D :D
      I stopped making public guides. I mostly just make private resources now for friends. But I'm happy to answer Swordmage questions. I'm familiar with the class through level 79.

      Edit: Don't mind the magic damage value. Fantasy Formation is active on that, so it's 300-400 higher than what it's supposed to be. Also, here's a video from the other night's Deathmatch, since I want to post a video every time I post here. Please, please, please, do not mind the music much. I use a very different attribute page for PvP vs. what I use for PvE as well.

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    • Thanks for the screenshot and vidoe, but don't you think you're going to get destroyed pretty quick with that much hp in PVP and also in high level dungeons?
      I'm trying to find the middle ground in the stats, so that it's perfect in both PVE and PVP.
    • My stats when I PvP are very different. I have around 26K HP when I PvP right now which is adequate enough. In PvE, the amount of HP and defense I have is fine until the Altar of Swords raid, which is level 75+ anyways. Before that point, I can be as paper-thin as I want, so long as I don't get hit. A little bit of extra defense or HP will not be the deciding factor if I live or die in this case, even through Machinarium 3-Star.

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    • One more question Saintone,
      atm im 71lvl mage 138gs with 625 crit (22.9%) and 230 Crit increment (103.9%) really interesting how'd you get that much crit ? Is there any secrets that you won't share with random people?)
    • Sorry for the late response guys. Like I said, I'd prefer to have a new video whenever I respond. Here's Swordmage POV of Grand Bulwark 4-Star Heaven's Wrath of Gohn. Not the best run, especially on my behalf, but decent enough for a video.

      Edit: Included in the video is annotation commentary. Just turn on the closed captioning if you want to read my thoughts along the way! Some of it explains why I do what I do as a Swordmage in the midst of the fights, and some of it explains the mechanics of Grand Bulwark if you didn't already know it.

      fresh wrote:

      Love your content Saintone :)

      When you will be able to stream if i may ask
      I haven't streamed on a regular schedule since I played Tree of Savior. I worry that my Revelation streams would be boring if I just did PvP all day or the occasional raid. It's a long time coming since I streamed consistently.

      Zerea wrote:

      Mes. Known him for some time now.
      He said you're one of his "normal" Tera friends.

      u_9398142 wrote:

      Great videos, you are doing a lot of damage, what pve gems are using? I hit 69 yesterday at 135k gs and I seem a little lower on dps... how much mana wrench do you have?
      482 Mana Wrench. Mostly Tier IV, but two Tier V PvE offense gems. Your damage will come from rotation, critical rate, critical increment for the most part. As you reach higher levels, you need magic defense break as well.


      u_12204684 wrote:

      One more question Saintone,
      atm im 71lvl mage 138gs with 625 crit (22.9%) and 230 Crit increment (103.9%) really interesting how'd you get that much crit ? Is there any secrets that you won't share with random people?)
      There's no grandiose secrets. Guild cultivations will account for a decent chunk of crit. My 100 dexterity gives me 200. My equipment gives me a decent bit including my talisman which gives 120. Soul grid provides another 240 (about 140 from Birth Crystal, the middle critical one, and 100 from Berserker II grid bonus). With no equipment on at all I have 548 with no buffs.

      I thought I'd also re-visit one of your earlier posts, where you said you wanted a middle ground for stats that was perfect for both PvE and PvP. What I want to try to say is, don't settle for something that's decent in both. Make a stat page dedicated for each, and switch them on the fly. Stat pages are cheap, you should make use of them to be optimal.

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