[Video] "Principium" - Clan War 2017-01-29 (NA CBT3)

    • [Video] "Principium" - Clan War 2017-01-29 (NA CBT3)

      "Principium", clan war video for Revelation Online
      Recorded by Desiree, lvl 59 Vanguard, 2017/01/28
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      Video footage from this weekend's clan war on the NA CBT3 server. We had originally intended to defend and hold the castle that we had captured the week before (I had not joined the guild yet at that time) but we ended up getting overrun by Predator. After being zerged over multiple times, we made a last-minute attempt on one of the smaller capture points (Snowpine) and actually managed to capture it during the last minute of war. Was my first time participating in a clan war in Revelation Online and was pretty fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing how things will play out during OBT/launch.

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