Guild event - how to make interesting one during CBT?

    • Guild event - how to make interesting one during CBT?

      I have question. I am leading guild and I can't figure out what "guild events" could I made during next CBT. I mean I made some PvP events guild vs guild, that Mushroom boss kill or that Siderite boss kill. Problem is that I cant find any mechanics which we could do together in CBT. Its a bit annoying. 5 man dungeons doesn't really do it while guild have 50 members, we cant enter battleground as a group as well, we can only click join button at the same time.

      I know there is some stuff after advancing the guild, which I am not familiar with (if you have any introducing links, I'd love to expand my knowledge), but we didn't make those guild improvements in time during last beta.

      I used to play ArcheAge before, there were a lot of stuff guild could do together, more bosses, traderuns, random PvP and general purpose of PvP, not only to kill someone but also to steal from him and get profit.

      Any advice? Maybe there is some stuff I dont know?

    • Our guild has been doing dungeon runs together along with Hide and Seek at the guild castles around the map and in specific areas of the game (including the guild base).

      This has been a lot of fun. Having small PVP events as-well has also been quite a bit of fun as-well (despite the fact I absolutely suck at PVP).

      There are also world bosses which spawn each hour around the map, maybe going with your guild to defeat these would be pretty fun?