Spiritshaper Guide

    • Spiritshaper Guide

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      (This is a topic take from RU server, so I translate in Google Translator, sorry for anything)

      Druid party acts as a healing, but you can walk in 2 Drood dd + ap.
      As damage it is slightly inferior to the magician, but always able to podhilit AoE or throw a shield on an ally.

      Articles for healing
      This is our primary stat, every 10 points to 1, then 20 points 2, 30 points on the 3.
      Grants + healing
      Endurance (gives us not die)
      Dexterity (+ to crit Hilu)
      This stat should be raised when you have 150+ points are inclusion in the spirit, then you will see a healing crit, such as a lvl 59 with 195 spirit and 30 agility crit heal reaches 20k
      Unfortunately, it often crashes, but often saves the day.
      + Healing, but gives an increase of 2 times less than the spirit, so this option is put points on how we take the spirit of 150+
      optimally invest the same amount of points as in agility.

      Articles on healing

      Articles on the DPS healing

      The alignment of the stigma

      I have on China (I was blinded from what it was)

      Our main talent is

      - This hotkey, you almost always keep to yourself 3 stacks, and juzat

      - Then the healing will spread to the entire party and its hard enough othilit, as if to learn extra. talents, you can shoot vine Green negative effects.
      This edge is not important in the hard modes.

      Othil tank

      - This skill is cast on the run, it can be interrupted if the situation requires it, as if you take the talent you raise m.def and p.def.goals that edge you need to

      - This ability to use in critical situations, as often packs overagro the magician, the tank will get much, cast it instantly roll back a minute.

      - This ability is crucial in critical situations, it will allow you to raise the 1-2 second xn entire party from 10% to 100%.
      You can combine.

      PvE additional skills
      Private on packs I use this skill

      - Because I have a weapon podkontralivaet all the goals and turning them for 1 second in a variety of animals. It knocks castes and partial control mobs.

      Bell, if learn talents to decrease p.def. and m.def purpose, it can be used as PvE and PvP (in PvP, this skill can not be removed)

      In PvP, on cd yuzaem AoE healing. because it removes negative skills and turn into a fox when you are trying to kill and control.
      Take the talent on the distance, you need to hold on the rest and heal the tank, because their main task and get you zakontrolit.You should be afraid of Carlsbad, they have a large number of mills. Yuzaem shield and legs do =)

      About clothes.
      because we need some stats, the best armor and krafchenny Bijan for us.
      in the video below, I dressed in 45 Kraft.

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