Night Shift

Who are we?
We are a family of gamers and anime lovers. Our family isn't that old, it has its roots back in the bns beta, which is also the first game we all played together. Also we are not that big, as we go for quality rather than quantity. Right now we want to spread our wings further and put this game under them. We have members who love PvP, and also those who love PvE, as everyone is welcome and can focus on the game aspects they like.

In short:
Guild Leader: Wiru
Second in Charge: Kuroe Sensei
Officers: AstrayAmatu
Website: nightshift.eu
Currently Recruiting: No
Server: Tidewater
Time Zone: CET
VoIP: Discord
Primary Language: English
Play Style: Semi-hardcore
Play Mode PVX
Age Requirement: 16+

Some of us got founder packs to check the game mechanics before the OBT, so we can do a proper dive once the game is out. You are not required to have one, but in case you do, we can start the domination during CBT.

Clan rules:
First and golden rule, follow the game rules, so no cheating/scamming/botting or other game breaking third party programs.
With that out of the way, let's move on.

Respect each other, treat them the same way that you wish to be treated.
Be active, we don't have to be the best, I mean second place is also ok.
Be responsive, pay attention to the chat.

Our Goal/Why join us:
Our main goal is to create a friendly community; or to be precise a family with friendly members
who help each other and enjoy exploring the game together.
We want to have fun and enjoy our time together in the game, while still being on the competitive side,
as we plan to do: GvG, Territory wars, World bosses and Raids.
Our side goal is... to dominate the world, of course!
So if you wish to be a part of this family then this is the reason to come and join us!

How to join:
Join our Discord channel, we'll gladly welcome you!

If you got any questions, I'll be more than glad to answer