Redemption [Snowpine]

Redemption [Snowpine]
Don't know how to gear up? Ever run the same dungeon 10 times and still died every single time to that one stupid aoe? Feeling confused? Then join Redemption!

Enjoy naked dance parties hosted by Team Modesty, experience the thrill of finally knowing where to get your freaking silverstones, feel less frustrated at finally having the stupid boss mechanics explained to you and revel in the bliss of having your ass handed to you repeatedly in TW and GvG!

We participate in pretty much all events. Snowpine, Starshatter, GvG, Guild Bosses, you name it! Hit up the discord with any dungeons you need for gear and we'll work out a time to get it done for you. Still really confused? Our members are willing to walk you through aspects of the game from figuring out how to craft your DS gear, to familiarizing you with guild cultivation and more. Beyond that we are always striving for a friendly and open atmosphere. We want people, not just numbers!

Member testimonies:

"I was level 40 when I joined Redemption and now I'm level 79! The evidence speaks for itself!"
"I used to sniff glue and I still do it but not as much... will you be my pact mate?"
"I fought a guildmate and won, except it was just a clone. And I lost. "

*Testimonies may or may not be accurate and may or may not have actually been given.

Contact the following fine fellows or submit an application in game!

  • MasterDizaster
  • Materu
  • BlackOrchid
  • Drauction
  • Miski
  • Raeva