What we are looking for:
♦Only recruiting experienced players interested in very active, structured and hardcore PvP/PvX
♦Players who are interested in PvP/GvG, Guild Raiding, Castle Sieges, Open World PvP, Arenas, Raid Dungeons and competing for World Bosses


Very Experienced and skilled in MMO guild raiding
♦Speak/understand fluent English
♦Very active
♦Thick skin
♦Team player
♦Work well with others
♦No drama
♦Absolutely no exploiting, hacking or cheating OF ANY KIND! PERIOD!

Guild Policies:
♦Discord/TS3 is mandatory for all Guild Raids, PvP or events of any kind
♦Guild raids and call to arms raids are mandatory[
Players must be self-efficient and be able to provide for themselves with income and consumables
♦No drama or disrespecting fellow guildies/teammates
♦Must be willing to run classes, builds or specs during guild raids or events that are asked
♦Any kind of exploiting, hacking or cheating will lead to automatic removal from the guild[/font]


♦PM me here on the forums
Add me on discord and PM me - Drax#6352

About Us:

Coming from our last game, Archeage, we were well-known for controlling all the content on our server even when heavily contested from all oppositions. We also had many accomplishments of game and/or server first when it came to the newest and hardest dungeons and world bosses when they were introduced.

While many other guilds out there just claim to be the best, we prefer to let our game play and accomplishments speak for themselves.

We even received a shout out and praise from the publishers via their social media pages and their weekly live stream!


Below are just a couple screen shots or videos of just a few of our accomplishments when it came to killing the most contested and/or hardest bosses and dungeons to clear. We were also the first guild to successfully win a legit castle siege.

Game First Red Dragon Kill [World Boss]

Game First Successful Castle Siege

Game First Serpentis Clear [Dungeon]

Game First Champion Nazar Kill [World Boss]

Game First Sea of Drowned Love Clear [Dungeon]