iNoob Guild Policies

1. Guild contribution: In Revelation Online, a guild can only prosper when its members routinely contributes to the guild. These include daily guild quests, construction task, and other in game guild related content. Non-contributing members will be removed from iNoob after a period of zero contribution.

2. Helping Others: iNoob is a guild of member helping members. Ask for help when you need it, and in return we help others when we can.

3. Due to the popularity of our guild, we need to start to enforce certain policies to allow room for new members to join our guild. Hence we are going going to start enforcing the following rules to remove any inactive and non-contributing members. Guild management will make adjustments to these policies when necessary.
  • Inactive members of more then 10 days will automatically be removed from the guild. If you plan to be inactive for more then 10 days in game, please post a message in our Discord #absence-list channel or email the officers to inform us of your leave to prevent yourself from being removed.
  • Non-contributing members of less then 500 weekly guild contribution points will be first issued a warning, and be removed on the 2nd noticed.