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[New Sulan]Ex Scour dungeon Jewellery - where to upgrade?



Crafting Stamina Still Sucks



[New Sulan]Feedback on the update


Scenic Chronicles-Archeology



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  • u_9285654 -

    Replied to the thread [New Sulan]Ex Scour dungeon Jewellery - where to upgrade?.

    Quote from Dark Schneider: “You still can find the npc while running Seeking of Spirits daily, on the 1st room of the right from Sunken Galleon part. ” But of course you cannot do any of the dungeon content solo anymore, either :(
  • u_9285654 -

    Replied to the thread Crafting Stamina Still Sucks.

    Actually, they DID change crafting - to make it suck even more. Go do gathering for a while and see!
  • u_9285654 -

    Posted the thread [New Sulan]Feedback on the update.

    Honestly, between making crafting and gathering suck even more with that lame "poison" mechanic, and taking away scour (ability to solo in dungeons for XP and equipment, etc), you guys have pretty much decimated the population in this game. The economy…
  • u_10009220 -

    Liked xDrac’s post in the thread Banking/Storage.

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    @G Dragon Try pressing "V" and the following window should pop up: (second blue tab on the left) e3f0a2e051f9456a865114affe038c5f.jpg The "Utility Scroll 1" should be giving you access to use your warehouse storage room.
  • Darkwingz -

    Posted the thread Crafting Stamina Still Sucks.

    Honestly, I came back from hiatus after CBT in the hopes the system would improve to favor the players. (It hasn't budged a single inch.) In all essence, bots have been spamming quests more recently than actual Jade Succulent nodes. I think it's safe to…
  • Jamtu -

    Wrote a comment on the Guild Redemption [Snowpine].

    Comment (wcf.acp.option.option329)
    Are you guys still active. Was looking at getting into this game but only casually due to the fact that im an over the road trucker.
  • Gladia -

    Replied to the thread Scenic Chronicles-Archeology.

    Hello @u_17659908 Message merged with the existing Guide thread about the Scenic Chronicles. There are already several chronicles explained in this thread, and you can also check rocodex Please don't post the same message several times ;).
  • u_17659908 -

    Replied to the thread Scenic Chronicles-Archeology.

    Does anyone have any clue where to find the Microcosmic Model? The only clues is that it's located in the Aerial Gardens and that it is a stone that has no soil on it but has plants and Anima Blossoms growing on it.