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Hong Kong Handover 20th Anniversary Celebration


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Current state of RO



Requires Forging Apprentice Level 10 Issue



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  • Inphyy -

    Posted the thread Hong Kong Handover 20th Anniversary Celebration.

    Greetings, As you know Hong Kong celebrates the 20th anniversary of its handover from Britain to China on July 1. As a chinese online gaming company from China, how do you celebrate this special occasion in RO ? I suggest credit 375 Aurums to each…
  • Koyuta -

    Replied to the thread Daily Login Event.

    still nothing here
  • Meowmix2000 -

    Replied to the thread Current state of RO.

    Quote from Yegor: “Quote from u_9670666: “snip ” snip ” Didnt realize you could reach global elite and go pro with little effort. Will have to give it a try. I guess that's the reality you live in? Which pro team you on?
  • WindSoul -

    Liked Mastemar’s post in the thread Daily Login Event.

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    Quote from WindSoul: “Anyone got updates on this? ...still havn't received my weapon skins ” as far as i know, no one on the "missed" list has gotten their yet, since they have not come forward.
  • u_10281401 -

    Joined the Guild Playmatez.

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    Picture9.png intro.png 704207kby09mvri2.gif Playmatez Guild started as a temporary guild made only for war during Luna online but as many players had come to join and were staying, me (eviltama) and my co-creators (Sexilicious and sy4or4n01) decided to
  • Yegor -

    Replied to the thread Current state of RO.

    Quote from u_9670666: “I often find it funny that players will defend RO by claiming it's "P2Adv". To me this is just straight up silly as you are being played by like a mule by RO. We have an omnipotent cash shop that can provide literally everything…
  • Emie -

    Joined the Guild Outcry.

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    recruit-rev.png recruit3b.png Guild Leader: Holy Level Requirement: Open Guild Quests: Required Region: North America Timezone: EST/PST Member Style: Hardcore | Adult Oriented | Laid Back Playstyle: PvPvE VOIP: TeamSpeak 3 Age Limit: 18+ Website:
  • Emie -

    Leaved the Guild Focus.

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    TezMMO - Revelation stream online most nights CN Who we are: We are a hardcore PvX gaming community across multiple games, we mostly play MMORPG's but we have many guild mates who play varied genre's of games. This means we function as a community of…
  • Inphyy -

    Replied to the thread Requires Forging Apprentice Level 10 Issue.

    Oh I See ! :D
  • Inphyy -

    Liked Gladia’s post in the thread Requires Forging Apprentice Level 10 Issue.

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    Hello, You need to complete a Curiosity quest (violet/purple ones) in order to reach level 10 in a specific profession.