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  • u_18265204 -

    Liked Lies’s post in the thread Venerations.

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    and im sick of people who cant read: Quote from Lies: “if in the upgrade tab on modding you see the +13 as a different color it will have a third ven i dont know about the limits of stats. ” Imagine — imgbb.com
  • eXzo -

    Liked EliteHeal’s post in the thread My feedback on Revelation Online!.

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    No matter what people say - this game is right now very good. There were several problems in the early stages of open beta release (lack of content, bad translation, and huge bugs), but right now most of them were fixed. I believe that there are three…
  • Pandda -

    Has answered on a comment by imiza to the Guild Heaven.

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    Bonjour, non nous ne sommes plus actifs et j'espère que tu trouvera une bonne guilde
  • AttacKat -

    Replied to the thread Accessories.

    Quote from WishuponaStar: “Still Need That Item Info @everyone else ” GL ...
  • aSokar1 -

    Replied to the thread [Help and Advice]Mythos Feature.

    Hello, any help for chapter 3 / clue: spider brothers ^^ thx
  • aSokar1 -

    Liked darkblood’s post in the thread [Help and Advice]Mythos Feature.

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    Quote from Zazzari: “Hello, can anyone give me help with this one, after giving the adventurer the mead, I got an item called "Faded Pathfinding Map" but I at a loss with the clues the map gives, please help, thanks! ” snowpine 4917, 1517,6
  • Deathnoize -

    Now follows Genesis Nightingale.

  • Deathnoize -

    Leaved the Guild Aftershock.

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    Wir sind die Gilde styleLogo-d3fed69c5ce0593b9d0c33e5be3634ab54adf65c.jpg Aftershock (engl. für Nachbeben) ist eine Gilde, bei der Familie und RL im Vordergrund stehen, (von daher Casual) ohne jedoch den Fortschritt des Einzelnen allzu sehr zu…
  • Gloria -

    Posted the thread suche Deutsche Gilde auf Neuen EU Server.

    Neuling sucht nette und Hilfsbereite Deutsche Gilde auf den neuen EU Server mit TS oder Discord ich bin 31 Jahre und wen noch fragen sind einfach posten oder auf den Discord Server : Discord https:// discord.gg/qDYDCPy MIT freundlichen Grüßen Gloria
  • Bryan Fury -

    Replied to the thread YoloMouse: Can it be used?.

    Quote from Lies: “since it wont change game files they couldnt know anyway if you are using it or not, hence its safe imo ” @MUTE said too that if it doesn't change the game files it's safe and since i saw many streamers that plays RO are using it for…