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weapon choice


r u ready to merger?


Kamido. Blademaster PvP - Revelation Online



Is the whole world of Nuanor totally useless?



This is still beta



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    Currently 73 bm right now,I was able to obtain 3 weapons for 79,left one from dt chest,mid and right from bp crafting,which of the 3 would be recommended that i use once i hit 79?doing mostly pve for now and gathering funds to build up my char.
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    Posted the thread r u ready to merger?.

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    @DoctorStrange It is what my belief lies on. I would not call it as defending, but rather my own side of truth. I have done my research on Moonsea's situation. I would not say it is 'dead', but rather, players intentionally ignore their main account's…
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    Closing this thread as well, for below reasons: 1. Non-constructive feedback 2. Swaying offtopic 3. Comments that leads to no conclusion/or ended up with potential arguments.
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    Thread will be closed due to non-constructive feedback + swaying away from the topic - This game is still in beta. Even though chances are given, feedback thus far has little to no merit, and are already fully explained. If you believe you could help…
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    @Ronald What a cute mindset. You claim to inform which aspect went wrong, however has only brought up one single point - Cutscenes without dialogue/voice. It is really really cute to think this case would satisfy player desires. As always, do some…
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    Time to make some little kids silent again who have no single idea of the game or his history. No idea what its supposed to be, for what new Server are for and keep cry about not enough efford in game. First you cry about german and french getting…