The My.com Arena Report #1

Just one and a half weeks remain before we'll know who'll be the champions of Nuanor! So let's wrap this week up:
From our European servers and with 10,129 points, Hiseki from DeathlyAtoll (Moonsea) locked up the first spot of the EU ranking. But he's closely followed by Chizuru from OnePunch (Tidewater), and Tik from SemperFi (Moonsea). The gap between them is only marginal, and we are excited to see if the top 3 changes next week.
Meanwhile on the North American servers, from Lotus (Snowpine) leads the ranking with 8,574 points. Thanks to him, Chump, En, and In, Lotus can enjoy a lofty lead in the top 10, so the guild appears to battle it out amongst themselves. We shall see next week if one of Exile's members manages to secure a spot in the top 3!


There's still time to climb the ladder, so make sure to join The My.com arena and win irresistible prizes!


Did somebody say prizes? Yep! Keep your camera ready and share your favorite arena moment. You'll be awarded with a fine selection of goodies to show off! Don't forget to include the hashtag #MycomArenaMoment, so we're able to find your video.
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