March of the Guilds: Rewards Unveiled

Do you remember the March of the Guilds contest? It was a very special event where all Revelation Online guilds were eligible for once-in-a-game-time rewards – an original theme song, composed for the winning guild by Revelation Online's award-winning composer, Neal Acree, along with original artwork and guild logo designed by my.com's artists – all of which (and more) was up for grabs simply for explaining why the participant’s guild was the place to be.
After the winners of the March of the Guilds contest were selected, both Neal and the my.com team set out on a mission to create music and art for “Illusion”, the winning guild, and we’re happy to say that the rewards are now ready to be unveiled! Before we do that, we’d first like to express one more thank you to each and every guild for their past participation, and we'd like to respectfully tip our hats to Neal Acree for joining us on this creative adventure.
Without further ado, here are the rewards for the March of the Guilds contest:

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Now, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sound of Nuanor:

We also caught up with Illusion's leader, Mizuno, to hear what she had to say about the game and the contest:


"The March of the Guilds" was a very unique experience, one we were extremely happy to take part in and we hope Illusion members enjoy their rewards as much as we did putting them together. Once more, congratulations to Illusion and thank you all for taking part in this special contest, as well as Neal Acree for his musical-magic!

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