The Haunting of Nuanor

Are you scared? After all, a Nuanor Halloween is so much more than just sinister pumpkins, trick-or-treating, spooky decorations and scary stories by the campfire...
Oh yes, we hope you like big-prize contests and the idea of going trick-or-treating without all the fuss of costumes and house visits, because we’ve got some monstrous activities heading your way, so bring out your dead and prepare for ferocious fun, fearful frolic and frightening freebies!


Spooky Treats!

Want to bring your friends to the Halloween party? If you are lucky, you can get the legendary 5 person Bloodfang Colossus Mount that carries you around Nuanor! If you want to trick your friends hope for one of the various morph items that can transform you into a Beast King, Bloodhorn Commander, Orb Weaver, and more! Want to hide the dark circles around your eyes? Grab your creepy helmet and spread fear across Nuanor!


Head to our Trick & Treat page and try your luck. There’s nothing to lose, but much to win. You can come back every hour for more loot!

The Revelation Online Trick & Treat page will be online from October 23rd until November 1st. You will be able to open one door per hour. Please note that the items will be sent to your web inventory.


Creepy Contests

Still want more? Then keep your peepers peeled on our social media – fantastic prizes await you as part of our haunting Halloween contests, such as the scary character/costume contest on Facebook and the pumpkin carving contest on our official website (starts on Tuesday, October 24th), so join in the fun and be in with a chance of snagging even more perilous prizes!


Look Around!

Is our website haunted? It seems to have undertaken some self-redecoration all on its own… Let us know what you think!
The celebrations will begin soon, so if you want to keep the ghosts at bay, open your treat-bag and check on social media and on our official website to maximize your treats.


Happy Halloween!

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